10. Chinese people's Statement about the Wuhan virus


1) According to the facts reported in the news, The facts I have seen, the performance of the CCP, and the results of a comprehensive analysis, I think that the Chinese Communist Party cooperated with some international organizations to create the Wuhan virus, leaked or deliberately released the virus. The CCP deliberately spread the virus to the whole world, covering up the facts in various ways and using the detoxification method as a weapon to achieve specific political goals.

2) The Chinese Communist Party does not represent all Chinese people. They launched unrestricted biological warfare against the whole world. They are scum and traitors of the Chinese nation. They betrayed the Chinese people and the people all over the world. To safeguard the fundamental interests of the Chinese country, the Chinese people must make a complete break with the Chinese Communist Party.

3) I, at this moment, declare to the world on behalf of the Chinese people that the Chinese people will never deliberately create a virus, spread the virus to the world, and knowingly conceal the epidemic and harm other countries.

4) Viruses are the common enemy of humanity. If China has an antidote, China will share it with other countries.

5) The Chinese citizens are kind people. We hope to live on earth freely with equality and prosper with the rest of humanity worldwide.

6) The Chinese people insist that the United Nations and Interpol thoroughly investigate the organizations or individuals who manufacture and spread viruses and ask them to be sentenced and punished by all humanity.

7) Any Chinese involved in the manufacture, release, and spread of coronavirus is the national scum of the Chinese nation and the public enemy of humanity. The Chinese people should immediately find out the Chinese who made viruses or conceal the truth from the world, then send them to the International Court of Justice for trial by all humanity.

8) According to the current information, I think it is necessary to arrest Shi Zhengli, Chen Wei, Xi Jinping, Chi Haotian, Wang Yanyi, Jiang Mianheng, and Jiang Zhicheng immediately and conduct a comprehensive investigation. This is because they are the most suspicious persons who make viruses.

9) All those CCP who conceal the Wuhan virus from the international community should be regarded as accomplices in murdering 5 million victims of the Wuhan virus worldwide. To be sentenced by an international court.

10) Regarding the Wuhan virus incident, the Chinese people must give the whole world an explanation to completely separate the Chinese people from the Wuhan virus. Only this way can we save the Chinese nation, and the Chinese country can once again integrate into the world family.