3. Yan Limeng's second report claims that the Chinese government had planned to create the virus and launch unrestricted warfare worldwide

After reading Yan Limeng's second virus report, I felt that she looked at the COVID-19 incident from a scientific perspective. Ms. Yan believes that this is deliberate virus warfare developed and launched by the Chinese government against the world a few years ago.

Yan Limeng indicated that the Chinese government has been collecting all kinds of deadly viruses for many years and constantly studying how to transform viruses transmitted between animals into those shared between people. Shi Zhengli's earlier paper indicated that by adjusting the ACE2 protein of the virus transmitted between animals, the virus could be transformed to communicate between people.

This work can be accomplished in six months.

Yan Limeng believes that not only did the Chinese government create this virus, but it has also deliberately, decidedly, and purposefully conspired to release the virus to attack the world. Furthermore, the Chinese government had done a lot of planning and preparation work in the scientific community before the virus was released to deflect the world's suspicion.

1) The Chinese government had spread numerous false news, and scientific reports before the virus broke out. When the Chinese government deliberately released the virus, it used incorrect information and scientific reports to tell the world that the virus came from nature.

2) The Chinese government has bribed scientists worldwide to mislead the world that the virus came from nature.

3) The Chinese government has bribed scientific institutions worldwide to publish papers claiming the virus came from nature and suppressed articles from scientists believing that the virus came from a laboratory.

4) The Chinese military published "Unrestricted Warfare" in 1999. The book depicts warfare methods that cross the bottom line of human moral standards. The Chinese government and its soldiers will adopt any warfare method that ordinary people cannot even imagine. The process includes planning the warfare, creating a virus, spreading the virus, publishing fake papers to claim that the virus came from nature,

5) China has discovered as early as 2003 that Traditional Chinese medicine could remedy the coronavirus disaster in Large-scale and it's very cheap. Because only China, no other country understands Traditional Chinese medicine. So they specifically developed this virus as a weapon. The virus can be used to attack other countries, and China has the Traditional Chinese medicine antidote to this virus.

Traditional Chinese medicine antidote prompted the Chinese government to develop the virus and use it as a weapon that enables China's dignitaries to rule the world rather than a suicidal act that destroys the world and itself.

So I think the key to eliminating the Wuhan virus is Traditional Chinese medicine.

These phenomena show that the Chinese government premeditated very early and prepared for a long time to deliberately spread the virus to launch biochemical warfare and surprise attacks globally. This is what Yan Limeng believes, and I think her views are credible.

I also believe that Chinese dignitaries intend to use Traditional Chinese medicine as a weapon to subjugate the world. Xi Jinping's authorities have provided specific Traditional Chinese medicine treatments to his allies, or The Belt and Road Initiative countries. However, Xi Jinping refused to give the Traditional Chinese medicine antidote to countries that do not side with him.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a gift from God to the ancient Chinese people. But unfortunately, other countries do not recognize this gift. That is why the devil can carry out its evil plans.

The key to eliminating the Wuhan virus is for the whole world to recognize the essence of the virus. Yan Limeng is the messenger from God to show us the essence of the virus. We must also believe in God and that Traditional Chinese medicine is a gift from God worldwide. Then you can quickly be saved.