1. Wuhan virus Report and Solution


Part 1.

Dr. Yan claims that Wuhan virus was created by the Chinese military and deliberately spread to the world. The Chinese government has created more virulent and terrifying virus. I believe this is credible.


Judging from the performance of the Chinese government since the outbreak of the virus until the present, Dr. Yan’s statement is logical.

1) The Chinese government knows this virus very well, just like knowing the lines on its own hand.

a) After the Chinese Ministry of Health official Wang Guangfa went to Wuhan on January 8, 2020, he declared that the virus was preventable and controllable. In fact, the Chinese government has indeed controlled and treated this virus effectively. There is basically no Wuhan virus in China. I live in Shanghai, and there is no virus here. People do not wear masks to go shopping.

b) Chinese Ministry of Health official Wang Guangfa contracted Wuhan virus after he went to Wuhan on January 8, 2020, but was treated for one day and no longer had a fever. He knew exactly what medicine to use to treat this virus.

c) Xi Jinping held a meeting on January 25, 2020, and declared the "Traditional Chinese medicine treatment plan" should be used to treat Wuhan virus. In the following two months or so, the Chinese government announced that they has basically eliminated the Wuhan virus disaster. Xi Jinping knew exactly what medicine can be used to treat Wuhan virus. They did not waste a second and eliminated the virus crisis in Wuhan at the first instance.

2) The Chinese government’s efforts to conceal and blame other nations after the Wuhan virus outbreak show that Dr. Yan’s claim is logical.

The Five Eyes alliance countries issued a report to point out that China has deliberately concealed the virus epidemic, spread the virus and blamed other nations.

The report states:

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, the CCP concealed the epidemic and destroyed virus samples, "undermining international transparency", endangering countries around the world, and eventually leading to the spread of the epidemic, leading to the plague of the century.

The CCP initially denied that the virus would spread from person to person, silenced and "disappeared" doctors trying to warn of the epidemic, destroyed the evidence in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, disinfected the Wuhan seafood market without sampling and investigation, And refused to provide live samples to international vaccine experts.

The CCP has improperly responded to the epidemic by denying that the virus is "person-to-person", The CCP and the World Health Organization have put pressure on the international community to prevent investigations into the source of the virus.

According to my collection of Wuhan virus related news, I also believe that China has deliberately concealed the virus epidemic, spread the virus and blamed other nations.

Such concealment and deliberate virus proliferation shows that Wuhan virus is a biological and chemical weapon made by the Chinese government. This is based on normal logical reasoning. I have not found any evidence yet.


The Chinese government has committed a lot of extremely evil acts; and then concealed, covered up and denied everything. They adopted the "I am a thug and I fear no one" attitude for everything.

1) China has long harvested live human organs from Falun Gong members and other people and sold them to wealthy people or high-ranking officials who are in need of organs for organ transplant operations. The attitude adopted by China at home and abroad is denial and concealment.

2) The Chinese government has executed large-scale financial fraud in the country, causing hundreds of millions of people to lose trillions in assets. Their attitude towards the issue at home and abroad is to deny and conceal. I am one of the victims.

3) The Chinese government has recently suppressed the protests in Hong Kong. thousands of people in Hong Kong were missing and some people were murdered by secret police come from the mainland, but the government declared that they were committed suicide.

4) Because the international community has adopted a tolerant and concessionary attitude toward China’s atrocities and crimes. You gives the Chinese government license to do whatever they wants.

This time they spread the virus to the world and adopted a consistent attitude of denial, concealment and covering up.

Therefore, it is logical for Yan Limeng to claim that China has concealed the Wuhan virus epidemic and spread the virus to the world. This is their usual practice and protocol to dealing with all problems.

Part 2.

China and Xi Jinping have the motivation to create and spread the virus.


The Chinese government's large-scale live human organ harvesting is a crime against humanity. They are afraid of losing their power and being held liable, so they will never admit that they have made, leaked and spread the virus. They have the motivation to cover up the virus.


The United States, Russia, China and other countries are all making viruses in laboratories. China is engaging in a biological weapons race with these nations. So this is not just a China problem. This is a worldwide problem. This problem involves the entire mankind and mankind is destroying itself.


Since eliminating the SARS virus in 2003, China has discovered that traditional Chinese medicine can effectively treat people infected with coronavirus on a large scale. So China developed a specific coronavirus and used Chinese medicine as a weapon. The Chinese government is not afraid of the spread of the virus.


Xi Jinping amended the Chinese Constitution in 2018, allowing him to serve as the President of China and the Chairman of the Military Commission for life. Xi Jinping now has all power in China; the army, the police, and the People's Armed Police. 。。 Xi Jinping is China's dictator and emperor. Moreover, Chinese officials called Xi Jinping the same as ancient eunuchs and ministers called their emperors: "Yi Zun" (your highness) and "Jin Shang" (your holiness).

Xi Jinping used money from financial fraud to invest in the Belt and Road Initiative as his political achievement project. The financial fraud involves several trillions in RMB and hundreds of millions of victims.

All policies in China are made by Xi Jinping alone. Especially all of the policies made since the Wuhan virus outbreak.

So it is also Xi Jinping’s lone decision to spread the virus to the world, use Chinese medicine as a biological and chemical defense weapon and refuse to provide treatment to other countries.

The Belt and Road Initiative is an act of power expansion worldwide and spreading the virus to the world is also an act of global expansion.

So I think Xi Jinping has the motivation to spread the virus throughout the world. This is also the truth. It was his orders and decisions that caused the virus to spread to the world. China has an antidote, but Xi Jinping refused to share the Traditional Chinese Medicine antidote with the world.


Unrestricted Warfare is the motivation for the CCP to create a virus to launch a biological war

"Unrestricted Warfare" was touted by the Chinese government as: "A contemporary Chinese masterpiece that has been translated, disseminated, and commented most widely abroad; a military book with the greatest influence in the world after "The Art of War". The Chinese Art of War must be read by the cadets of the West Point Military Academy in the United States."

In fact, unrestricted warfare is a war theory that "does not emphasize military ethics, but only talks about winning or losing." It is the evil-fighting method of terrorists called "hiding under a woman's skirt and shooting behind a child" by the United States a few years ago.

The ideological of modern Western civilization towards war is: pay attention to a gentleman's fair duel, treat prisoners of war humanitarian, use military targets as the target of the attack, and try to prevent accidental injury to civilians.

Unrestricted warfare is a war method in which civilians are the target of attack. Just like this virus war, attacking civilians and destroying the economy is typical unrestricted warfare that the CCP is proud of.

The war theory of unrestricted warfare provides a legal basis for the CCP to launch biological warfare. In addition, among countries capable of creating the Wuhan virus and launching biological warfare, the CCP is the only one that has no military morality, no bottom line, and civilians as its targets. unrestricted war as a regime of the will of the country.

Therefore, the book "Unrestricted Warfare" and the theory of war are indirect evidence that the CCP created the Wuhan virus to launch a biological war.

From the perspective of war theory and ideology, "Unrestricted Warfare" made the CCP the number one suspect in "creating the Wuhan virus and launching a biological war." Therefore, Yan Limeng's accusation that the Wuhan virus is the CCP's unrestricted warfare is logical.


"The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons"

This book is a textbook by Yan Limeng accusing the CCP of developing biological weapons.

From the perspective of scientists, the book describes what standards an ideal biological weapon needs to meet, how to deliver it most effectively, and what the death rate of civilians is if the virus is delivered in urban areas. , And declared: "The next world war will be carried out using biological weapons, and that the coronavirus is a "genetic weapon of the new era",

which can be "transformed into a new human-to-human virus in a genetic engineering laboratory, and then weaponized in an unprecedented way And release".

This book is regarded by Western countries as a self-confession and operation guide for the CCP to manufacture and spread Wuhan virus biological weapons. this is correct.


After escaping to the United States in 2017, Guo Wengui accused Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party of signing and implementing the "13579 Plan" and held a press conference. Guo Wengui accused Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party of attempting to conquer the world with the virus. Unfortunately, no one in the world believed what he said.

Three years later, the Wuhan virus broke out all over the world and caused huge property losses. This fact proves that Guo Wengui's revelations in 2017 are true. This is convincing evidence that the CCP created the Wuhan virus and launched a biological war.


In a secret speech in 2005, Chi Haotian made it clear: After learning about the Freemason’s "Fairmont Hotel Meeting Plan", Deng Xiaoping believed that China could not surpass the United States and the Soviet Union in conventional weapons and nuclear weapons. Therefore, China is required to develop biological weapons as a key weapon development direction.

In addition, Guo Wengui accused Chi Haotian of being the military executor of China's biological weapons and the planner of the "13579 Plan".

Chi Haotian’s 2005 report is evidence that the CCP’s production of biological weapons to launch biological warfare is a strategic decision by the CCP’s top leadership without the authorization of the Chinese people.


The paper published by Shi Zhengli in the scientific journal proves that Shi Zhengli's research results and main work are to transform the virus transmitted between animals into the virus transmitted from human to human.

There are countless deadly viruses in nature, but most of them cannot infect humans and spread from person to person. Because the virus can only penetrate human cells if they have specific genes.

Shi Zhengli's research result is to change the ACE2 protein of viruses through genetic engineering so that all viruses can carry specific genes and enter human cells. Let the deadly virus spread from person to person.

Shi Zhengli’s scientific paper is evidence that the CCP has manufactured anti-human biological weapons in the Wuhan laboratory.

Part 3.

China has the Antidote


The Qingfei Paidu (Lung Clearing Detox) decoction invented by Tong Xiaolin is a special coronavirus medicine that can cure mild patients in about a week. China has cured 50,000 patients in Wuhan very quickly using this traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, the Chinese government has launched a large-scale propaganda in China to appease the people.

Video 1: The Lung Clearing Detox decoction developed by academician Tong Xiaolin was used to clinically treat 50,000 patients in Wuhan.


Video 2: The Chinese government announced that Lung Clearing Detox decoction is the special medicine for Wuhan virus treatment.


Video 3: CCTV interviews academician Zhang Boli about combating the virus in Wuhan.


Tong Xiaolin invented the Lung Clearing Detox decoction remedy

麻黄9g、炙甘草6g、杏仁9g、生石膏15~ 30g (先煎)、桂枝9g 、泽泻9g 、猪苓9g、白术9g、茯苓15g、柴胡16g、 黄芩6g 、姜半夏9g、生姜9g、紫菀9g 、冬花9g、 射干9g、细辛6g、山药12g、枳实6g 、陈皮6g、藿香9g。

Ephedra 9g, roasted licorice 6g, almonds 9g, gypsum 15~30g (fried), cassia twig 9g, alisma plantago-aquatica 9g, polyporus umbellatus 9g, atractylodes macrocephala 9g, atractylodes macrocephala koidz 15g, bupleurum chinese DC 16g, scutellaria baicalensis georgi 6g , rhizoma pinelliae 9g, fresh ginger 9g, aster tataricus 9g, flos farfarae 9g, belamcanda chinese (L.) DC. 9G, asarum sieboldii 6g, dioscorea polystachya 12g, immature trifoliate orange 6g, sun-dried tangerine peel 6g, agastache rugosa 9g.


Taiwanese Chinese medicine experts have also made similar prescriptions and confirmed that Chinese medicine can eliminate Wuhan virus in patients within a week.

Therefore, Taiwan has become the most successful region to defend against Wuhan virus. That is why. You can also go to Taiwan to buy Chinese medicine and Lung Clearing Detox decoction.


Part 4.

How to defeat the Wuhan virus

People will never be able to solve the problem if they don't face it. What the CCP fears most is that the Chinese people and people all over the world investigate and discuss the virus, because the CCP does not want people to know the truth about the virus, nor does it want people to find a solution to the problem. Because the CCP itself is the root cause of all crimes and viruses.

I think that when the Chinese people and the people all over the world put all the problems I raised on the table and discuss them clearly, the virus problem will be easily solved.

What I say is not necessarily the truth, but if you dig along what I say, you will surely find the truth.

Spreading the truth about the Wuhan virus all over the world can solve all problems about the Wuhan virus.

If all countries and people in the world know the truth about Wuhan virus, the people of the world, including China, will gain the solution to this problem. If the people worldwide are united, we will have sufficient strength and wisdom to defeat the Wuhan virus.