2、Evidence that the CCP created the Wuhan virus, and intelligence analysis


According to current evidence, the Wuhan virus was the plan of Fauci and the men behind him. Because they didn't want the Trump government to know about it, they transferred the project to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In addition, they provided the CCP with funds and gene-editing technology.

But Fauci cannot control how the CCP uses the virus. As a result, after the virus outbreak, Fauci covered up the truth about the virus for fear of being held accountable.

When the virus broke out, most people worldwide were confused by the virus, while some people know this virus very well. They knew the virus would break out, prepared for it long ago, and hoped to get huge benefits from it.

It is the correct way of thinking for us to find out the truth about viruses and distinguish who are good people and bad people.

We can see from the reaction of the Chinese Communist Party that they knew the virus in advance, and they maliciously launched a biological war against humanity.

We can know this through the following facts:

A. The CCP has an antidote

1) After the Chinese Ministry of Health official Wang Guangfa went to Wuhan on January 8, 2020, he declared that the virus was preventable and controllable. The Chinese government has indeed controlled and treated this virus effectively. Now China is the country with the best virus control.

After March 2020, almost no local viruses in all parts of China, including Wuhan. As a result, most people go shopping without wearing masks.

The recent virus outbreak in China is due to increased transmission of the virus and many other factors.

2) Xi Jinping held a meeting on January 25, 2020, and declared the "Traditional Chinese medicine treatment plan" should be used to treat the Wuhan virus. In the following two months, the Chinese government announced that they had basically eliminated the Wuhan virus disaster. Xi Jinping knew exactly what medicine could be used to treat the Wuhan virus. They did not waste a second and stopped the virus crisis in Wuhan in the first instance.

We all know that the virus broke out first in Wuhan, but Westerners don't know that Wuhan will be completely free of the virus after two months.

Because the CCP has antidotes, they Helped more than 70,000 people get rid of the virus with traditional Chinese medicine antidote within two months. And then, Xi Jinping asked Wuhan citizens to thank the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping. for giving them antidotes and lifting the virus crisis in Wuhan.

That's why the CCP banned Wuhan's planes from flying anywhere in China but let Wuhan's planes fly worldwide to spread the virus.

B. The CCP maliciously spread the Wuhan virus to the world.

1) The purpose of the CCP to silence doctor Li Wenliang is to destroy the evidence and confuse the world about the human-to-human transmission of the virus so that the CCP can let the airplanes in Wuhan continue to spread the virus all over the world.

2) The CCP ordered the destruction of all virus samples nationwide on January 3, 2020. And closed the P3 laboratory in Shanghai because they uploaded the virus genetic code. This means that the CCP has created the virus and destroyed the evidence because the first samples are most likely to find the source of the virus.

3) The Chinese Communist Party claimed that the Wuhan virus came from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Still, on March 3, 2020, the Chinese Communist Party thoroughly disinfected the market without any investigation, which was also an act of destroying evidence.

4) At the end of January 2020, the CCP cut off flights to Wuhan, arrested all Wuhan people in other provinces and cities, and in some places, cut off roads and welded off the doors of those who lived in isolation. The Chinese Communist Party is well aware that the Wuhan virus is a biological weapon, but they let airplanes carry the virus to fly worldwide to spread the virus.

When some countries cut off airplanes with China, the CCP threatened trade. So that airplanes can continuously spread the virus to the whole world.

The Chinese Communist Party looks Wuhan virus as a biological weapon to protect itself, but at the same time, they spread the virus worldwide by various means. Therefore, it is an act of war.

C. the CCP uses the Wuhan virus to get the benefit

1) On June 15, 2020, 20 Indian soldiers were killed by beating their heads with iron bars welded with nails on the Sino-Indian border, and then the Indian military fought back and killed 40 Chinese soldiers.

Why did Xi Jinping kill 20 Indian soldiers by ruthless means at this time? It is contrary to China's consistent policy of keeping a low profile. Because Xi thinks he has taken control of the world with the virus, Xi can do whatever he wants.

On the other hand, Xi Jinping's government refused to acknowledge the existence of the 40 dead Chinese soldiers. It seems that nothing happened. Those soldiers were not treated with respect at all. Xi Jinping and the CCP have betrayed the Chinese people. They are the enemies of the Chinese people.

2) On June 30, 2020, the Communist Party of China passed the National Security Law of Hong Kong, which completely tore up the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and Xi Jinping completely controlled Hong Kong.

Why did Xi occupy Hong Kong at this time? Also, because of the Wuhan virus. Because Xi believed that he had taken control of the world with the virus, Xi could do whatever he wanted. No one will care about what he did to Hong Kong.

3) Xi Jinping has been preparing to attack Taiwan recently, and Putin is also preparing to attack Ukraine. It is a conspiracy for Xi and Putin to use the virus to gain benefits.

D. The CCP has made long-term preparations for biological warfare.

1) Chi Hao tian's internal report showed that Deng Xiaoping gave the order and the Chinese Communist Party decided to dominate the world with biological weapons. Because Deng Xiaoping believed that the Chinese Communist Party could not compete with the United States in conventional weapons and nuclear weapons, he decided to conquer the whole world by defeating the United States with biological weapons.

2) Since the outbreak of SARS in 2003, the CCP believes that SARS is a biological weapon, and the release of this biological weapon cannot find out the manufacturer and source of the virus. Therefore, the CCP has invested a lot of human, material, and financial resources in researching and developing biological weapons.

From the outbreak of the virus to the present, the Chinese Communist Party has been destroying evidence, refusing to cooperate with the investigation, and refusing to admit that Wuhan is the source place of the virus. The Chinese Communist Party textbooks tell them that as long as the Chinese Communist Party refuses to accept it, no one can find the source of the virus.

"Unrestricted Warfare" and "The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons" are military textbooks of the CCP. These two books are the theoretical basis and evidence for the CCP to launch biological warfare.

3) When fighting SARS in 2003, the Chinese Communist Party found that traditional Chinese medicine can effectively treat and prevent coronavirus, which is very cheap. It can be used on a large scale without any side effects.

Therefore, coronavirus has become a critical research object. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine is used as a specific medicine and secret weapon because Western countries do not understand traditional Chinese medicine.

4) Shi Zhengli of Wuhan Institute of Virology is called Batgirl. She has specialized in coronavirus for a long time. According to Shi Zhengli's scientific report, her research result is to change ACE2 protein, which can transform viruses transmitted between animals into human-to-human viruses.

The characteristics of the Wuhan virus fully conform to Shi Zhengli's scientific report, so we have reason to believe that Shi Zhengli creates the Wuhan virus.

5) In the two years since the virus outbreak, no one has found the intermediate host of the virus. Coincidentally, Shi Zhengli's scientific and technological achievements do not need an intermediate host. Within six months, she can directly transform any animal virus into a human-to-human virus.

6) Yan Limeng accused Shi Zhengli of modifying the name of the virus and deleting some reports

Yan Limeng believes that this virus is not only a virus created by the Chinese government but also a conspiracy to release the virus intentionally, planned, and purposefully to attack the whole world. Therefore, before removing the virus, the CCP has done a lot of preparation work in the scientific community to avoid the world's doubts about the Chinese government.

a) The Chinese government spread false news and scientific reports before the virus broke out. Then, when the Chinese government maliciously released the virus, they used incorrect information and scientific reports to tell the world that the virus came from nature.

b) In 2020, the Chinese government bribed scientists to mislead the world that the virus came from nature. In addition, the Chinese government bribed scientific institutions to only publish papers on viruses from nature and suppressed scientists who believed viruses came from laboratories from publishing papers.

E. Overthrow the CCP to end the Wuhan virus disasters

According to Yan Limeng's accusation, the CCP has created many deadly viruses, which are ready to be released at any time. The CCP can transform any harmful viruses into human-to-human viruses within six months. The Chinese Communist Party is a virus manufacturing factory, an anti-human axis of evil, and an enemy of humanity. They are not human beings but demons.

Therefore, if the CCP is not overthrown, humanity will always be troubled by the virus. However, I believe that after the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party, the virus problem will be solved quickly.

F. I think Jiang Zemin's family maliciously released the Wuhan virus

China's medical system is controlled by Jiang Zemin's family, like the live harvesting of human organs and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Jiang's family also holds Wuhan city.

In the internal struggle of the CCP, Jiang's family has repeatedly planned to murder Xi Jinping or oust Xi in recent years.

It is more likely that Jiang's family should maliciously release the Wuhan virus. Because Xi Jinping is illiterate. And doesn't understand the seriousness of the virus outbreak at all. Xi's series of policies have caused the Wuhan virus to spread worldwide, and the whole world will pursue Xi. thus achieving the goal of ousting Xi. Jiang Zemin's family is worse than Xi Jinping's.

Therefore, no matter which family of the CCP, they are all the public enemy of humanity, and all humanity must destroy the Chinese Communist Party. Only in this way can human beings get peace.