9. Xi Jinping's behavior of seizing power led to the outbreak of plague in Wuhan

Everything Xi Jinping has done since he took office revolves around becoming emperor. Still, Xi Jinping's educational level is shallow, only primary school level, and he is nothing but a red dignitary in China.

Zhou Xianwang, the then-mayor of Wuhan, responded to the untimely disclosure of the Pandemic, saying: "According to the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, it can only be disclosed with the authorization of the CPC Central Committee." To put it bluntly, Zhou Xianwang pointed out that Xi Jinping refused to let Zhou Xianwang disclose the Pandemic, which led to the outbreak.

It was also confirmed in Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily News and later Sun Lijun's breaking news: When the local government reported the epidemic situation in Wuhan to Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping instructed, "Don't destroy the festive atmosphere."

The worldwide outbreak of the Wuhan plague is also Xi Jinping's purpose of consolidating his power, suppressing public opinion, create fake news and fake data, and destroying virus samples.

While cutting off domestic flights to Wuhan, Wuhan's international flights carry the virus worldwide and threaten countries that try to cut off Chinese flights.

Therefore, Xi Jinping and CCP should bear half of the responsibility for the outbreak of the plague worldwide. The other half should be the deep state.