5. My Views on Samsara, Soul, and Alien

There is a saying that the earth is the trash can of the universe, the place where God uses to hold low-level souls.

Buddhism also has the saying of" the six great divisions in the wheel of karma, "which is Buddhism's fundamental doctrine.

From the perspective of human civilization on earth, it is the lowest civilization, only a little higher than plants and animals. Some psychics said that the earth is a prison, and that is right. The Buddhist statement confirms this: human beings are reincarnated in six paths.

Man believes that God and Christ will go to heaven. However, not everyone will go to heaven but needs to be reincarnated on earth. Only when the soul is advanced, developed, civilized, and high-level will it go to heaven. In reincarnation, some people gradually improve their soul levels and finally enter heaven, while some souls commit iniquity again and again, so they can only be demoted to hell.

The six ways of Buddhism are that the three good ways are heaven, Asura, and man; The three evil ways are animals, hungry ghosts, and hell.

I think these are the six places for the soul after death.

1) People's way, spiritual practice, and soul level have not reached the level of upgrading, nor have they reached the level of downgrading. Therefore, their memory is erased after death, and they continue to be reborn for the next life and practice.

2) Asura way, I think the civilization of human practice has reached the level of upgrading, so upgrading to the fourth-dimensional ethnic group to live, such as becoming Reptilians, Sirians, etc., is a high-level alien civilization. Their technological level is higher than human beings. However, their spirit level is not high enough, and they often fight, plunder and invade other ethnicities. They are monsters in Chinese mythology.

3) Heaven's way is to go to heaven.

4) Animals way, human beings do bad things in the world, and God feels they need to be degraded, so they reincarnate and become beasts, animals, horses, etc.

5) Hungry Ghost way and Hell way, the Soviet Union carried out a drilling project in the Kola Peninsula. They were Drilled into hell, heard the cry of suffering, and saw an evil spirit with wings of elders running out of it.

That proved the existence of hell, just inside the earth. Man has done terrible things on earth, and his soul will be sent to hell by God.

In the universe, there are not only the aliens who destroy and enslave human beings but also the just aliens in the Interstellar Federation, who are maintaining the balance of the universe. They are probably the Messenger of God in Chinese Shinhwa.

In my opinion, the human soul is shallow, wrong, evil, ignorant, and uncivilized.

Some people can unlock the superpowers of the human body through meditation and practice qigong. In addition, many people on our planet have special abilities. For example, some monks, mages, and religious leaders all have special abilities.

They can see souls. They can also see invisible aliens, talk to aliens, and even ask aliens to help them do something.They can also help other people do some things, such as treating diseases.

Humanity's life span is also limited to 150 years old, which is also a kind of seal.

Because we are all sinners, we are born on earth for enlightenment and spiritual practice. Therefore, this design can speed up reincarnation and practice.

God created this world, but humans are doing bad things every day.

The CCP harvested human organs alive to maintain their evil rule and make money. They all need to go to hell.

To sum up, human greed, disunity, low soul, and no bottom line have caused today's tragedy.

Writing this book aims to use my wisdom to help human beings improve their souls, solve the contradictions in human society, eliminate barriers and disputes through wisdom, and lead people to a higher level.

Suppose you can understand what I say and feel the right path with your heart. People with understanding will go to heaven.

According to my method, if you can transform human society, the earth can also become a paradise.

My book is all about how to realize a fair and just social system.

To put it simply in a word, it is to use the developed network technology to realize information disclosure and enable the people to participate in the discussion of all matters to achieve complete fairness and justice.

I suggest that the economic system use the Chinese model. The Chinese model is a social system that combines the advantages of capitalism and socialism. It can promote rapid economic development, and China's achievements can be seen worldwide.

Xi Jinping's dictatorship has nothing to do with the Chinese model.