2. The accumulation of knowledge has a process from quantitative change to qualitative change

First of all, I am a scientist and materialist. From the perspective of the scientific spirit, the change of anything is from quantitative change to qualitative change, and the accumulation of knowledge is a gradual process.
Suppose there is a significant leap in science and technology in a specific country at a particular time. There is no process from quantitative change to qualitative change in knowledge. If someone says it is alien, give them the technology, I will believe it. Not only do I need to believe it is the truth, but anyone with a scientific spirit and rational thinking needs to believe it is the truth.
If it does not have a gradual accumulation process, there must be external help. It is the help of God or demons or aliens.
It is my advice to those on the earth who can think rationally.
What is the sudden progress in human science, technology, and culture?
Classical ancient books in China and the worlds are prehistoric civilizations or God's revelation to humanity, such as Bible, Qur'an, Buddhist Sutra, Tao Te Ching, Zhouyi, The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, and so on.
These books were not the wisdom that human beings could have at that time. According to the Qur'an 5: 48, I think this is God giving different revelations to different peoples. When God returns, God will test whether human beings can follow God's teachings.
I think some technologies are not given to humanity by God but by the devil.
I think nuclear technology is not the technology given to humanity by God but the technology provided to humankind by the devil. It was not Americans or Soviets who first had nuclear technology, but Hitler.
Hitler could create an atomic bomb during World War II. Hitler thought he could conquer the world without using nuclear bombs, so he did not develop nuclear bombs. After Germany was defeated, this technology and scientists were taken by the United States and the Soviet Union, which was why the United States and the Soviet Union were the first to make atomic bombs.
Hitler also completed the first flight of the HO-229 bomber, and a similar aircraft is the American B-2 bomber, the most advanced bomber in the world so far.
Human scientists do not gradually master these technologies, and They rely on knowledge accumulation. It's a technology acquired suddenly. It is the technology that aliens give to humanity.
An article on the Internet shows that the MJ-12 file confidentiality agreement between the United States and aliens. According to the agreement, aliens provide high technology to the United States, while the United States allows aliens to kidnap humans and conduct genetic experiments. The goal is to cultivate many hybrids of reptilian and human beings and eventually replace humans. From a scientist's point of view, this is credible and logical.
The aliens provided nuclear technology, gene-editing technology, and microelectronics technology to the US government. And some other technologies.
A few days ago, Xi Jinping was wishful, thinking China could make the most advanced microelectronic chips. I think that's because Xi Jinping is a stupid person with no culture and knowledge. He is not a scientist himself, but he hopes to guide science and technology. Unless China steals this knowledge, Chinese scientists will never have this technology in a short time because it is alien technology.
There is evidence that the Wuhan virus is used alien technology. Scientists use gene-editing technology, using bat viruses as the backbone, adding AIDS and SARS genes to recreate new viruses. The aim is to eliminate the elderly population, the unhealthy population, and the redundant people because the Deep State, conspirators and aliens, and the CCP do not like them. The Deep State planned the conspiracy and implemented it by Chinese military scientists.