11. The reason why the Communist Party of China became the enemy of the people is the low level of humanity's soul
As I mentioned in my previous articles, humanity has entered the era of the Internet and robots, and the Internet and robots have destroyed the theoretical basis of capitalism.
When some Chinese people are still immersed in the illusion that China has institutional advantages because of the success of the Chinese model, the Communist Party of China has become the enemy of people all over the world and the enemy of the Chinese people.
The Communist Party of China knows in its own heart that what it calls communism is not communism at all but red dignitary capitalism. Recently, they banned the singing of the national anthem and the international anthem in some places, which shows this point.
Communism is a social management system that needs the human soul and moral realm to meet specific requirements before operating. However, the soul level of the Chinese Communist Party is very low-level and dirty, and it is entirely impossible to run communism, so the CCP has now become the enemy of the Chinese people and people all over the world.
The soul of the CCP is Low and dirty. Therefore, they have done a lot of dirty and evil things. At the same time, the moral realm and soul level of the people of all humanity are also very dirty and low-level. Therefore, when the CCP has done many evil and unclean things, no one has stopped them, but many people have helped them, covered up the truth, whitewashed them to support the devil, and hurt the people.
Some time ago, some Western scholars proposed to oppose Xi Jinping, but they did not oppose the Chinese model, which is correct. Because Western scholars understand that the Chinese model is advanced, but the soul of the CCP is extremely dirty and evil. Need to be overturned.
The Communist Party of China has now become an evil cult organization against humanity. Because the soul of the Communist Party is dirty and evil, they are not working for the benefit of the people but the benefit of the red dignitary. So they have become enemies of the people.
What is the standard for improving the soul? My book Century Sentence is the standard of judgment. The content of my book is straightforward. If you can understand my book, it shows that your soul has reached the basic standard and can enter a higher level of human civilization.
If there is something you don't understand, I can explain it to you or argue with you, but if some people don't want to understand it, I can't help you because I can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep.
We need to eliminate the Communist Party like a doctor cuts off the rotting flesh.
The CCP should have disintegrated 20 years ago when I saved them. But instead, I proposed a series of state-owned enterprise reform measures, that is, the Chinese model, which enabled the Chinese Communist Party to continue to get power.
Today's facts prove that CCP has completely failed and has to be completely eradicated.
The failure of the CCP shows that the human soul is low-level, dirty, and evil.
Communism and capitalism are the ideology God gave to humanity and the operation mode of human society.
Communism is a more advanced social management system than capitalism, which requires the human soul to reach a certain degree of civilization before it can be implemented. Otherwise, it will bring disaster, just like what the CCP has done. Because the human soul is low level, it can't run this system.
It is not only the CCP that harms the Chinese country and the people because of its low-level soul, but also similar situations abroad.
I saw foreign netizens discussing The Great Reset and Great Awakening on the Internet. And the Deep State is promoting communism and The Great Reset. They hope to eliminate the low-end population of humanity with viruses and nuclear war. Others oppose The Great Reset and globalization. So engage in the Great Awakening Movement. They oppose vaccination, Deep State, censorship, and communism.
The question is whether human beings are low-end or not. If human beings want to evolve, should they eliminate the low-end population? God and the devil give different answers.
From the people's understanding of communism and capitalism, we can see that the human soul is very low-end.
Capitalism and communism are two tools God gave to solve different human problems.
Human beings do not use these two tools to solve problems but use them for personal gain, whether capitalism or communism.
God gave human capitalism to solve human beings' selfish and lazy nature and make them work hard to create wealth for their self-interest.
God gave communism to humanity to solve the unfair distribution of wealth in human society.
But capitalist and socialist authorities do not think so, and they are using capitalist and socialist social rules for the personal gain of their small groups.
The CCP spared no effort to fabricate lies, deceive people, harvest organs alive, make money to crack down on political opponents, and raise funds to maintain stability and evil rule. Make viruses and Spread the virus worldwide to rule the whole world.
The big technology companies and ruling classes in capitalist countries also deceive people with lies and scams to safeguard their evil rule.
Some human beings sold their souls to the devil, cooperated with the devil, hurt human beings, betrayed God, and abandoned fairness and justice.
That is evidence that the human soul is low. Human beings have no sense of justice and cooperate with the devil without any bottom line.
That is why communism failed in China and all over the world because the low level of the human soul can't run the advanced social management system.
Communism is more advanced than the capitalist social management system and requires all human beings to reach a higher level of consciousness and morality before it can be implemented. Otherwise, it will be a scam and disaster.
The prerequisite for human beings to implement communism is that the realm of human consciousness should reach the level of disclosing all financial information of all public assets. But unfortunately, the Communist Party of China is just the opposite.
Communism means that a few people and groups control many social resources on behalf of the country and all the people, just like the Soviet Union or the CCP.
These people distribute social resources and wealth. There is a severe problem with trust. How to make sure that those so-called in power do not make a profit for themselves and turn public assets into their private property
However, the Chinese Communist Party is taking the evil road now: creating Wuhan viruses, launching biological wars, launching financial fraud, plundering people's wealth, harvesting organs alive, persecuting competitors, and earning blood money.
All the reasons they do this are not to safeguard national interests or people's interests but to thoroughly safeguard the interests of the CCP's small group. To rule the people forever. and no other purpose.
How the commonwealth and rights of communism can gain the trust of the whole people and whether they can gain the confidence of the entire people. That is related to the legitimacy, rationality, and justice of communism and the Communist Party, Whether it is necessary to exist.
Judging from the current performance of the CCP, there is no need for them to exist. They are entirely the enemy of the people, and they should be completely overthrown. There is absolutely no trust whatsoever.
Under the communist social system, how to gain the trust of all people is what I put forward, that is, to establish the only national treasury account, Complete separation of receiving and spending, and those who collect money cannot spend money. In contrast, those who spend money cannot collect money.
Make public all information related to public property. It deprives anyone of the possibility of attempting to embezzle or infringe on public assets.
Privileged classes like the CCP are completely wiped out. Complete deprivation. ultimately drive away, eliminate
Use the Internet and high technology to thoroughly disclose the information of public rights. In this way, we can gain the trust of all people.
My conception of management for public assets
The CCP persecutes the people and harms the country by plundering public assets in the country's name and turning the public into private. And because of extreme greed, he did many evil things. Like viruses, scams, organs
The world has recognized the Chinese model and high economic growth.
Based on these two points, what we need to improve is that after overthrowing the evil rule of the CCP, all the sources and destinations of all state-owned assets will be published on the Internet by using network technology and high technology according to certain rules, and will be subject to real-time supervision by the people of the whole country.
Technically, no one can infringe on the state-owned assets belonging to all the people. And make state-owned assets serve the people instead of serving the red dignitary of the CCP
Because it is easy to do this through the Internet and high technology, it was impossible to do in the Mao era, but it can be easily achieved now.
The CCP uses high technology and the Internet to monitor the people and serve the evil rule of the CCP. After the people overthrew the CCP, they needed to use high-tech and the Internet to monitor the receiving and spending of all state-owned assets. Make state-owned assets serve the people. Benefit the people.
1、The state establishes specialized agencies to assign financial personnel and security personnel to the following units: all state-owned capital units, state-owned enterprises, state organs, public institutions supported by the state finance, private enterprises that borrow money from state-owned banks, private enterprises that raise funds from the society, foreign-invested Financial Institutions. and their wages shall be paid by the units where they settle in.
2. The country's public asset management system is divided into two completely independent systems: collecting money and spending. Those who collect money can't spend money, and those who spend money can't collect money.
3. The financial personnel and security personnel dispatched by the state to all units shall be managed by the chairman of the Military Commission. Their main job is to ensure the safety of state capital and enterprises. In addition, prevent internal and external personnel of enterprises from encroaching on state-owned capital, and ensure that profits and taxes are turned over to the state treasury.
4. The expenditure of treasury funds is presided over by the Prime Minister and approved by the National Assembly. The Chairman of the Military Commission and the Prime Minister are collecting and spending money on state-owned capital. And can't interfere with each other.
Every sum of money spent by the Prime Minister under the resolution of the National Assembly will be supervised by the financial and security guards stationed by the Military Commission. It will be reported to the people of the whole country and published online.
5. The Chairman of the Military Commission shall not participate in using and distributing the treasury wealth. Just make sure that state assets go back to the state treasury, track their usage,
6. One of the tasks of the financial personnel assigned by the government is to disclose all the financial information of the enterprise unit to the government and society every month.
7. The security personnel stationed in enterprises are managed by the Chairman of the Military Commission and the National Security Bureau, monitoring state-owned enterprises' capital flow and monitoring all enterprises' personnel that may endanger state-owned capital and national security.
8. The security and financial personnel stationed in the enterprise only play the role of monitoring and publicizing the financial affairs. Therefore, they are not allowed to interfere with the management of the enterprise if they do not destroy the security of state-owned capital or transfer assets.
9. As long as private enterprises do not borrow money from banks or raise funds from society, they do not need to send financial stuff and security guards to monitor and announce their finances.
10. In addition to monitoring enterprise managers, security guards also need to protect enterprises from internal and external personnel

Without capitalism, human beings would never make progress. Capitalism has brought modern civilization and modern social order to humanity. Capitalism inspires human creativity. Make human society move forward.
But with the development of the Internet and robots, the production relations of human society have changed. Capitalists hire workers into capitalists hire robots. What followed was a change in the distribution of social wealth.
The people are being persecuted more and more severely.
So I propose that the Internet and robots have destroyed the basis of capitalism.
The solution I propose is to pay 50% of GDP to workers and restore the distribution ratio in the early days of capitalism.
We need to restore the theoretical basis of capitalism. But we need to use the theory of communism to restore the theoretical basis of capitalism.
So capitalism and communism are not a question of who is right and wrong, but what do you want to do using capitalism and communism?
You want to use these things to benefit the people, restore fairness and justice, or satisfy the selfish desires of some people and persecute others.