9. Humans crucified Jesus, and God sent the Deep State in charge of the human race

There are many levels to recognizing the deep state

1) low level

We can think of them as a secret organization to make money, consisting of the elite, the rich, and the smart

I first heard about the Deep State when President Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp in Washington. Netizens say President Trump is struggling with Deep State.

The Democrats and Republicans in the United States seem to be at war, but the same organization controls the two parties. This organization is the Deep State.

Therefore, whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party is elected, the Deep State runs the United States.

Netizens pointed out that Deep State refers to Freemasonry, Illuminati, and Satanism, mysterious organizations. We don't see their names at all in public. But I knew very early that these organizations are very powerful. They are the wealthiest and most famous people in the world.

I believe that most of us know about the Deep State as a secret society formed by some social elites whose purpose is to make money. I call this perception a low-level perception of the Deep State.

2) Intermediate level

They are social elites, but evil gods control their theoretical systems and ideology. Their wisdom and ability are far higher than those of human beings. They are not human but alien Reptilians, with some human baddies working with them.

When I went abroad, I saw foreign netizens discussing the Deep State and Freemasonry, thinking that they were not just a secret society formed by some social elites to make money. But some demons and ghosts.

Foreign netizens are discussing QAnon against Deep State. They're doing the Great Awakening. They support President Trump. They oppose Reptilian. They are called conspiracy theorists by the Deep State.

They have formed a complete theoretical system and evidence chain. We can't sum them up with simple conspiracy theories.

After I read the book "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", I think what they said is true.

Deep State is more than just a money-making organization. The reason for their secret activities is that their ideology is anti-human. Their logical thinking and ideology are evil.

Deep State is not only an economic organization but also a religious group. And the God they believe in is evil.

Deep State has super-advanced wisdom far beyond human beings. And they also have superpowers far beyond human beings.

The second reason for their mystery is that they do not belong to the human species but the alien species, the Reptilians. Human society has only evolved for a few thousand years, while the Reptilians have evolved for hundreds of millions of years. They are far more advanced than humans in terms of ability and spirit.

Another characteristic of the deep state is that it is highly organized, and all its members work together to safeguard the interests and security of the organization. That is in great contrast to human beings, selfish, greedy, fighting with each other, disunited, and ignorant.

So the Deep State and Freemasonry are composed of alien species that are entirely different from humans and human traitors who work with them, and they are a level higher than humans. And their purpose is to rule humanity and enslave humanity.

That is the second level of understanding of the Deep State.

3) High level

After human beings killed Jesus, God sent the Deep State in charge of human beings. They are evil and cruel, but they give human science and technology, knowledge, finance, oil, and social order. Both capitalism and communism come from Deep State.

According to the laws of the universe, a higher civilization cannot intervene in a lower civilization. But Deep State and Freemasonry, the fourth-dimensional civilization higher than human beings, are deeply involved in human civilization. What is the reason?

I understand that God wants to help humanity and first sent Jesus to help humanity in a civilized way. But humanity crucified Jesus, so God sent Deep State, freemasons, and Reptilians to help humankind, only brutally and cruelly to help humanity.

According to the Bible, human beings are all sinful souls. From God's point of view, human beings struggle with each other, persecute each other, and are ignorant, disunited, vicious, and evil. Abandon fairness and justice.

The human soul is inferior and sinful. Therefore, God wants human beings to raise their soul level on the earth, so then human beings can go to heaven.

Buddhism summed up that the principal evils of human beings are "greed," "hate," and "foolish."

"Greed" refers to human beings who harm others without the bottom line for personal benefit.

"hate" means not helping each other, loving each other

"foolish" means ignorance. They can't see the essence of things in the world. It also means that the human soul is low level.

Humans need to improve their soul level, and at the same time, they need to improve their material civilization. If so, human beings can enter the next stage of civilization, heaven. Therefore, the advancement of human civilization is not only spiritual but also material.

Deep State provides almost all modern civilizations of humanity.

In material terms:

The modern financial and monetary system, Rothschild family financial system, global settlement system SWIFT, International Monetary Fund; Computers and Internet represented by Microsoft, Amazon, Taobao, and Alibaba; Nuclear weapons, computer chips, sophisticated weapons, Rockefeller Martin, military-industrial complex, Rockefeller oil,


Anti-feudalism, Renaissance, democracy, freedom, human rights, legal system, protection of private property, Disney, Hollywood, movie stars, CNN, BBC, Facebook, Twitter, Google, global mainstream media, communism, capitalism, prominent global politicians, academic authorities. . .

On the one hand, the Deep State ruled humanity evilly and cruelly, but on the other hand, it gave humanity spiritual and material help. It has dramatically improved the technological and cultural levels of human beings.

Nowadays, many people in the world put forward the" great restart, "the community of world destiny, "and" global integration, "all of which are the purposes of the Deep State. They hope to eliminate the low-end population on the earth through viruses and nuclear war. Is to rule the world brutally and cruelly.

Thanks to the help of Freemasonry, human society and human civilization have reached a new height and entered a critical point.

If human beings can raise their soul level at this time and correct evil, disunity, hate, ignorance, injustice, and lack of sense of justice, human society will enter heaven. Otherwise, continue the evil rule of the Deep State.

I wrote this book Century Sentence is, to improve the human soul level. I believe that if some people read my book, their souls will be promoted, if most people in the world can understand my book and can follow my book to do, humans will be in heaven