7. Alien Cult Theory about Speech Censorship

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

This is a conspiracy, ideological aggression, an act of war, a lie, a hoax.

The following are my views on censorship of speech and the design and ideas of freedom of speech in the future society.

I believe that in the future of human society, everyone can freely express their opinions and participate in the democratic management of the country. Using the highly developed 5G and 6G network construction, everyone and everything can be connected by the network.

I think in the future, world network construction should be divided into real-name speech and anonymous speech

1) real-name speech area

In this block, any speech made by all citizens or units is not allowed to be deleted at will. Suppose it is necessary to delete the speech made by the real-name people. In that case, it must go through the investigation procedures, evidence collection, debate, and trial, and a set of standards program is needed.

For example, suppose someone reports something or a case. Suppose another one wants to delete this post. In that case, it must go through investigation and evidence collection by the public security unit and upload all the evidence and investigation results to this post. So that all netizens can see the investigation process and outcomes and then discuss whether it is a false report. If a judicial institution judges inaccurate and harmful information according to the uploaded evidence and information, it can be archived and deleted.

Only in this way can people's freedom of speech and human rights be genuinely guaranteed. More is to protect the voice of the weak and the right to fairness and justice. That can let all people know what happened, how to condemn evil deeds, and how to help those who need help. That can prevent the wicked people dare not running amok and harming the people.

What wicked people and demons fear most is under sunshine. The network can make everything under the sunlight and expose everything. Therefore, the web is the best and most effective tool for the weak to protect their rights.

2) anonymous network speech area

According to the needs of administrators and moderators, posts in this area can be deleted arbitrarily. Because this is a place for free discussion, there is no need to take too much responsibility for your speech. So the administrator can delete and modify arbitrarily.

Freedom of speech is the power for people to communicate with others and protect their benefit.

Therefore, communication between people is the fundamental condition for harmonious development and the shared prosperity of human beings.

Communication between people is essential for human beings to rebuild heaven and return to heaven. Only when human beings have established barrier-free communication channels with each other. Human beings Can quickly resolve human contradictions, and they can genuinely unite, help each other, love each other, and realize fairness and justice. And the devil will have no space for survival.