1. we need to recognize all the things that exist

If you talk about aliens in China, it would be a joke. Because the Chinese have no religious beliefs, they are all so-called materialists who worship money. In the West, there are also such a group of people.

After I left China, I saw a lot of news on the Internet about aliens, Reptilians, the Deep State, freemasonry, adrenochrome, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," alien interviews, and so on.

I think the Chinese are ridiculous. The Chinese are not true materialists. They are true idealistic.

What is true materialism? First of all, we need to recognize all the things that exist. Then, whether you can explain it or not, This is the essential condition of materialism and the spirit of scientists.

The Chinese Communist Party and some people in the world do not recognize the existence of things and deliberately fabricate lies to deceive the people. It is only to maintain their evil rule, not a scientific spirit, nor materialism, but true idealism and cult.

Why do these fake materialists and schemers appear in China, America, and the world? Because the world is controlled by evil and demons.

From this point of view, demons and monsters, Gods and holy warriors exist.