16. I am trying to save China and restore the credit of Chinese people in the world. I am proving that Chinese people are good people

Nov 5, 2021

Now the situation of eliminating the CCP all over the world is becoming more and more clear, and every country is taking action. The United States recognizes Taiwan as an independent country and invites Taiwan to join the United Nations. The European Union cancels China's most-favored-nation trade status. In fact, large companies have basically withdrawn from China. China is also actively preparing for war these days.

I think the war between the whole world and China is inevitable and will break out soon.

In the past few months, I have posted articles in the real name on Chinese and English networks, exposing the evils of creating and spreading viruses by the CCP.

According to the reaction of Chinese netizens, many anti-communists expressed support and sympathy for me.

Most netizens in mainland China have seriously resisted me and maliciously abused me. Of course, I estimate that most of those netizens who abused me are Internet policemen of the CCP. because from the talk, we can analyze that they are young people, uneducated and male. In line with the characteristics of network police. They contact me to get my information. For example, where I am, who I have contacts with, what anti-Communist plans I have, and so on.

When I offered to communicate with them rationally, they all refused. This also belongs to the characteristics of rudeness and network police.

Therefore, some people in the United States believe that "the Chinese people are victims of being deceived by the CCP."

This view is only suitable for a very small number of awakened Chinese. The vast majority of Chinese people, still love the CCP and China. No matter how many innocent people in the world are killed by the virus created by the Chinese Communist Party, they don't believe or care, which seems to have nothing to do with them.

The Chinese people have no basic concept of right and wrong, truth and justice at all. They only care about their own interests.

Perhaps only war and death have made them understand all this and that what I said is true. I am the truth. This is the necessity of war through the ages.

I am a true patriot. I am safeguarding the interests of the Chinese people, saving China, correcting the mistakes of the CCP, and proving to the whole world that the Chinese people are brave, just, and peace-loving. Maybe one day the Chinese people will understand this.