15. God sent me to spread the truth about the Wuhan virus to the world and save the world

Since the outbreak of the Wuhan virus at the end of 2019, I have been collecting information from different channels to try to find out the truth about the Wuhan virus and its solutions.

From the first day, I thought that this virus has a lot to do with the CCP. Various evidence and logical judgments point to the CCP as the culprit.

In May 2020, I sent an email to all the senators in the United States. I tried to remind the US government: "China has an antidote, and China has a conspiracy."
Not only did my reminder have no effect, I was also investigated and warned by the Chinese police, and I felt that my situation was extremely dangerous.

In August 2020, Yan Limeng’s testimony was more convinced from a scientific point of view that my judgment was absolutely correct.

But the world is completely controlled by the CCP and the devil, and no one believes what Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui said. They are treated as mentally abnormal people. Their words are treated as crazy and jokes.

Because human thinking is habitual thinking. They are deceived by lies, monetary bribery, and beauty bribery (the CCP’s method of controlling foreign governments).

They think that the Chinese government cannot poison its own people, poison the world, and launch a biological war against all over the world. This is crazy. This is too evil. They don't believe that the CCP will do such an evil thing, so they reject any opinions that are contrary to this. So habitually reject the revelations of Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui.

And I know that my article can change everyone's point of view, and I have this ability. Because I am guided by God.

When I shared the Wuhan virus report I wrote with friends in the international, they thought that my article could save the world, and they suggested that I should spread my information to the world as soon as possible. To end the disaster of the Wuhan virus worldwide.

God inspired me to use wisdom to help mankind get rid of the disaster of the Wuhan virus, and God inspired me to spread this message after leaving China, otherwise, I would be in danger and I would not be able to complete this important mission. So I fled China under the guidance of God in October 2020.

After leaving China, I found that the US campaign situation was a mess. At first, I thought Trump would be elected president smoothly, but the situation was very complicated. There were too many conspiracies and the CCP was also involved.

God inspired me to help Trump. After I figured out what happened in the United States, in December 2020, I sent my Wuhan virus report and other articles to Trump and other people.
I saw the American military and Linwood issued a statement the next day: "The CCP is the chief culprit of the Wuhan virus, but it has nothing to do with the Chinese people. The Chinese people are allies of the United States."

Then God inspired me to send a series of articles about the Wuhan virus to governments, media, universities, and other institutions in all countries all over the world in March 2021.

You have seen what happened in the future. All countries have changed their attitudes towards the CCP. They have adjusted their policies and unanimously demanded that the CCP bear corresponding responsibilities.

The EU suddenly overwhelmingly rejected the trade agreement with China and unanimously demanded that the CCP be held accountable for the virus.

I have made governments around the world change their minds and realize the truth about the Wuhan virus. The Wuhan virus is the CCP’s biological weapon, biological warfare. But if the world really wants to eliminate the Wuhan virus, everyone in the world needs to know the truth about the virus. Including the Chinese people.

If mankind wants to completely solve the Wuhan virus problem, it must completely overthrow the CCP, because the root cause of the virus is the CCP.