3. 6.4 rebellion

When I was in high school, a democratic movement happened in 1989, which is called 6.4 rebellion in China.

That is the most important democratic event and social conflict in modern Chinese history.

At that time, I was a student, a good student and a absolutely good person.

Zedong Mao also claimed that he supported democracy. Students movements are positive examples opposing feudalism and oppression in our textbooks. It is May 4th Movement that led to the success of communist party. That is what is said in our textbooks.

So I think that students were correct and positive.

But in our education at that time, communist party and country are more correct.

Communism and communist party got people rid of oppression. It achieves social fairness, justice and resources sharing.

That is definitely correct.

But the two camps and social thoughts had a serious conflict in June 4.

I saw the protesters beat a few solider to death and burned their bodies. That picture will retain in my mind forever.

What happened to the society? Why did such a serious social conflict happen? That is a problem I have been thinking about. Afterwards, I entered a college.

I thought too much and was out of control. I could not stop thinking no matter at daytime or at night.

I could not hear what teachers talked about in class.

The situation was more and more serious and many different thoughts gushed from my brain. In one mid-term examination, I failed in almost all courses. According to the provisions of school, I would be required to drop out. At the last moment, I went to my head of teachers for help.

After learning about my situation, he suggested me to go to Department of Neurology for physical examination.

I was diagnosed with serious neurasthenia. The doctor suggested me to take one year off.

By that, I avoided dropping out.

In the rest, I asked an Qigong master for help. An amazing thing happened. I felt I could control my unstop brain and my body restored its balance. But I still felt frequency fatigue and could not focus. After writing an article or reading a few pages, I would be tired and wanted to sleep.