8、Human’s Physiological and Safety Needs and God’s Love

1 February 2015

According to Maslow’s Needs-Hierarchy theory, physiological needs and safety needs are the basic needs of human beings. However, how could these needs be satisfied?

We ordinary people have microcosmic way of thinking which means that the above needs of us are satisfied by ourselves through our own ways.

Physiological needs are needs for dressing, eating, taking a wife and having kids. Daily necessities, house, wife, car, kid, and money are the standard of meeting the physiological needs.

To put it a little bit simpler, money is the standard of such needs and money can solve all the problems. Our ideas and ideas of western are different towards such needs of human beings. Western holds that such is personal problem and private matter which belongs to the scope of human rights and freedom and does not have much relationship with others in society.

Thus my point is that western culture belongs to individualistic culture.

And what I have repeatedly stressed in this book is that such needs are not personal problems but problems of a social concern. It is too parochial to think in the perspective of individuals. We need to put our eyes in the long run, considering this problem in the perspective of the society, the country or even the whole world.

Actually, the social insurance systems adopted in highly developed Western countries are helping solving part of this problem. Such insurance systems could satisfy the needs of eating, clothing, daily necessities and basic medical services of their citizens. Other needs on the physiological level such as house, wife, car, kid, and money have to be satisfied by the citizens themselves.

However, the social insurance in less-developed and poor countries are incapable of solving the problems of eating, clothing, daily necessities, and basic medical services of their citizens.

The United States has promoted its democracy around the world for many years. Compared with genocide, democracy is relatively advanced. The effect of promoting democracy in poor areas, however, is not good, with some areas become more chaotic. Democracy in poor areas does not achieve its desired effect but have brought big trouble of Islam in the Middle East.

There had none terrorism before. Even in Hitler’s time, we heard only about genocide but not terrorist attacks and terrorism. It is a big trouble made by the American conduct of promoting its democracy, a by-product of democracy, and the side effect of the ‘democratic drugs’. This Pandora’s devil is released by America.

Since ancient times, humans have established organs of state violence such as police, army, prison, and courts. Such organs are the symbol of royalty. In ancient China, it is called the divine right of kings which means that the monarchical power is granted by God to control his subjects in the entire kingdom. Such monarchical power is used by God to suppress devils which lives in the heart of everyone. All the organs of state violence are taken advantages by the king who has authorised by God to suppress devils and regulate the social order.

It is the democracy promoted by America that weakens the state machinery by which God regulates the behaviours of people and suppress devils and releases all the devils living in the heart of humans. Now devils have controlled the whole world and they are everywhere. The law of God has been unable to perform. The whole world is in a state of out of control when measured by God’s standard.

Just as Mexico has said, ‘We are so close to America, but we are so far from God.’

My criticism of the democracy promoted by America is not to totally overthrow democracy. To some degree, democracy is indeed a good thing, a kind of civilisation and progress. However, there are also indeed many problems democracy cannot solve. And at the same time, a lot of big troubles and side effects have been brought by it. We need to discuss and research to obtain a more reasonable solution to solve this problem so that the world could be better. When the intention of God has been complied with, both God and all of us could be satisfied.

In poor areas and Islamic areas, democracy is the most poisonous poison, the most evil demon. We have had enough. We are sick of it.

Getting back to God’s original intention is to use the wealth belonging to God and God’s love for humans to satisfy the physiological needs and safety needs of humans and provide humans with their demands on the lowest level. Such is the most reasonable and best social system, social management mode and social operation mode.

On the basis that the most basic safety needs and physiological needs have been satisfied, everyone could satisfy their other needs according to their own conditions, accomplish social needs, and realise self-actualisation.

The world created by God needs to provide everyone with a basic platform, which is a co-prosperity co-existence and could satisfy the safety and material needs to survive. Such platform must be implemented by the love of God and the wealth belonging to God. This is exactly the fairness and justice of God, the basic fairness and justice, by which people living on this platform could be survived and also get their soul improved with the pursuit of human rights, freedom, and democracy and higher self-satisfaction and fulfilment.

This is God’s original intention and also the infrastructure to establish a kingdom of God far away from evil.

The democracy system promoted by America is a kind of high-grade consumer goods which could only be implemented when the civilisation of a society has achieved a certain height. Even such democracy has been realised, there will be tremendous problems.

The infrastructure I have put forward, however, is completely suitable for all kinds of societies, especially those less-developed ones.

Firstly, the land public ownership and the monopoly of state-owned enterprises should be realised in less-developed countries. This can be achieved through revolution. There are continuous wars in less-developed countries. The problem is that people are using wars to drive away a group of rogues and then become another group of rogues when won. Without a clear macro guidance and development direction, revolutionaries do not know where to lead the whole country to.

And for less-developed regions and countries, the democracy promoted by America is the most poisonous poison which could only bring chaos, terror, and unfair and could never solve the existing problems and contradictions in your country.

In chaotic and underdeveloped areas, there must be a tyrant to stabilise the overall situation and suppress evil, ignorance, and devil. Such is the power granted by God.

This tyrant, however, needs to have a clear development idea and guidance goal about how to gradually bring his country to civilisation, rather than prey on his people and ride roughshod over his people.

It is easy and very common to find a tyrant brutal. However, whether a tyrant is willing to bring his people to civilisation or willing to prey on his people requires wisdom, the wisdom of the people.

There has appeared brutal tyrant in China, but then Chinese people have used their wisdom to solve this problem. I think other areas could also use their wisdom to solve the problem of brutal tyrant who preys on his people.

To sum up, humans needs to have a clear idea and development strategy to move towards civilisation gradually, getting rid of injustice, ignorance, evil, and devil. We should not always waste our energy to do things such as shooting ourselves in the foot.