7、Mao Zedong Solved the Problem of Land Ownership in China

28 January 2015

The other day, a scholar gave a speech and expressed an opinion that Mao Zedong solved the problem of land ownership in China.

It is really a very profound and high-level issue.

Regarding the rights and wrongs of Chairman Mao, there are a lot of things.

From this perspective, everything Chairman Mao did was right rather than wrong and aimed to solve the problem of land ownership in China. Indeed, economic development and various aspects of achievements made after China’s reform and opening up were based on this platform—the public ownership of land.

The Soviet Union also set up this platform, which collapsed later. Therefore, the subsequent things of the Soviet Union could not be predicted. It had to make decisions on its own.

From the War of Liberation to the Chinese Civil War and then to the cultural revolution, Chinese people bled a lot. After the establishment of this platform, the following things including harmonious society, national governance, and fairness and justice can be discussed.

Human nature is selfish, greedy, dirty, ignorant, and evil. Without bleeding, people cannot handle affairs, reason things out clearly and draw the attention of others.