5、God’s Love Is the Greatest Well-being of Human Beings

6 December 2014

It is said that all are equal before God and he loves the world. Though everyone is for himself, God is for everyone.

All are saying like this, no matter whether they are the poor, the rich, the black, or the white.

However, where is God’s love? It seems that it is in the dream and in the heaven.

In the Bible, God says that he leaves milk and honey for the human beings. The said milk and honey are oil and mineral resources. But only few using milk and honey feel the gift from God but they may not thank him, thinking that the milk and honey are picked up, robbed, or left by their father.

Most of them do not have such feeling. Many have furious fights for God’s gift such as Omar bin Laden and bandits of Islam. God creates everything including the land, sunshine, air, water, mines, many creatures and human beings. God let human beings manage the land. He loves the world and endows them with food, land, sunshine, air, water, and mine and so on.

God loves everyone. His love is equal. He will not show favouritism or abandon anyone, no matter whether you are the black or the white, the poor or the rich.

However, what is God’s love?

That is food, land, sunshine, air, water, and mines.

Food can be got by human beings’ work. And land, sunshine, air, water, and mines are the gift from God.

Such gift is equal without bias and abandoning; no matter whether you are the black or the white, the poor or the rich.

That is to say human beings living on that land shall enjoy the gift in an equal way—land, sunshine, air, water, mines, no bias, and no abandoning, no matter whether you are the black or the white, the poor or the rich.

This is God’s love and also his will.

He who prevents God loves the world or thieves and forcibly occupy God’s love is blasphemy of God and irreverence of him.

Certainly, social order of human beings needs to maintain, therefore, we need a society manager to straighten society management relations of human beings.

In feudal society and slave society, there exists divine right of kings that is God endows kings with rights to manage his gifts as land and mines and so on. It is retinal.

In feudal society, kings have the ownership of all the land and kings distribute it to their officers Land is the only means of production and not can be marketable. The product of land is grain which is a model of self-sufficiency production and consumption. Therefore, land can be deemed as an essential means of production and public resources but not commodities. Hence, monarchical society is another form of public ownership of land.

King, in this way, is considered to use ownership of land on behalf of God. Peasants may enjoy land use right. They cultivate on land and use the land. God’s love is practiced by king.

However, land of capitalism is a private property. Land can be marketable with other products in merchandising way and they are all commodities. No one can get earnings and benefits except the owner of the land. Therefore, land in current society and capitalism society is not public resource any more, but private property.

Land ownership is private ownership, which cannot be enjoyed by other people. Land use right is private and cannot be enjoyed by other people. Hence, private land ownership of modern society lacerates and cuts off love from God to human beings. It makes human beings not enjoy earnings from land and love and protection from God. Then, disasters, pains, wars, fluctuations, helplessness, darkness, and unfairness emerge at such time.

The reason why the society is in turmoil is that private land and mine ownership deprives love from God. Therefore, it is essential to turn over private land ownership and return the love of God to human beings.

Benefits brought by land and oil mines are so great that all kinds of power snatches, leaving the world in turmoil. Their aim is to fight for benefits.

An ancient Chinese saying goes: when there is one rabbit, many will run after it. But if there are many on the market for sale, no one will run after.

The reason is that when land and mines have no owners, all rack their brains to rob, forgetting virtue and morality and hard work, but only robbing resources.

The Western counties at first rack their brains to rob, which is stars from colonial period. Nowadays, it only changes its form but not its essence.

When the land and mines are nationalisation around the world, such conflicts will disappear right now. Just correct the attitude towards it. The mind should be put on creation but not on robbing,

I say to you that all these belong to God. All the ownership belongs to God. God will make his love enjoyed by the whole.

If anyone has different opinions, he can rise out and propose his opinions.

If anyone wants to deprive the love of God to human beings, he should rise out and propose his opinions.

China has done it. The nation nationalises land and mines on behalf of God, distributing benefits from such national capital as land and mines to its citizens in a fair way—distributing God’s love in a justifiable way.

Therefore, China can do the things well and it will do it better and better.

The reason why other nations are in turmoil is that private land ownership deprive God’s love to human beings. In a nation lacking love, there is only horror, evilness, and unfairness.

If you think that there exist turmoil, horror, evilness, and unfairness in your nation. Please nationalise land and mine resources on land and make the whole enjoy them. What’s more, you should make God’s love regress to standard and enjoyed by all the nationals. Then such problem can be solved step by step.

Solving the problem is easy and not complicated at all. Explaining public ownership in terms of religion is simple. The Bible says it this way: But you do not understand it and dare not understand it. You need I to explain and can understand.

I think that people in the world fight against each other is not purposeful and significant. It is that bandits expel the other bandits and remain to be bandits to rob resources, God’s love, and lacerate God’s love to human beings. There is no essential difference.

In my opinion, the only significant thing in the world is to get God’s love back and nationalise the land and mine to make them enjoy by the whole nation. Only if we get God’s love can we get peace and happiness.

If we cannot get God’s love, we cannot gain peace. War, turmoil, and unfairness will not be finished forever.