4、Any National Land and Mineral Resources Shall Be Owned by God Instead of Individuals

27 November 2014

As clearly written in the Bible, everything on earth is created by God and thus belongs to God.

God has the ownership of everything on earth, while human beings living on earth have only the right to use instead of ownership.

One offends and infringes God’s ownership if he says that land belongs to himself. Besides, the divinities will also be offended by such a saying. Human beings shall make clear of this and don’t misunderstand.

God only allows and authorises people on the land to use and manage that land according to their wills, instead of sales. Possession is not conversion of ownership.

So private ownership of land is a behaviour that offends God and divinities.

Thus, public ownership of land is a system that accords with the will of God and respects the will of divinities.

The divinities authorise all people on the land to use such land.

The publically owned government only exercises the right of land use on behalf of all the people. God allows them to exercise ownership of land.

Everyone is equal in front of God, and God loves all of them and allows them to enjoy all resources that it has created equally.

But no one has the right to make things that belong to God his own, which is unfair for others and also offends the divinities.

So private ownership of land is illegal, vicious, and offensive to the divinities. You can have the ownership of things created by yourself. But things created by God always belong to God instead of you, and such things shall be shared with everyone. This is a basic idea.