3、Socialism Is the Realisation of Socialised Production from the Perspective of Social Management

24 November 2014

I remember that when I was at school the teacher once said, the feudal society is small-scale peasant economy. The current social productivity has developed into socialised production, therefore the productive relations cannot adapt to the development of productivity, then revolution is needed, to realise the capitalism revolution.

This conception is right, and the productive relations should be in accordance with the development of productivity.

However, in my opinion, capitalism can only realise socialised production from the perspective of economy, and it’s still self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy from the perspectives of politics and social management. Therefore in the capitalism society the management is in confusion. Capitalism takes America as the benchmark, where each person can hold a gun to protect his own safety. This cannot be called as a civilised society, because in a civilised society, it’s impossible that people cannot protect their own safety. The benchmark is like this, the other countries are even beyond reasonable limits.

In Mexico, their neighbour, the officials ganged up with the bandits and even the drug traffickers, they cut people’s heads off, peeled off the whole human skins to make ornaments and gloves, shot civilians—all of these scenarios can only been described in the eighteenth layer of hell. Now it happened in the current society, in the developed capitalism society, beside the United States of America, in a democracy country, and even the government involved in. The internet society developed well, and nothing can be hidden, you can search for ‘Mexican drug traffickers’ photos and news on the internet, you will see the photos and the truth.

That’s too terrible and too horrifying.

Of course their people are very angry about these kinds of things, and they are reforming the social management system and the police management system, but no one knows the result yet.

After all is said and done, their social management relation is not correct, too backward, and still belong to small-scale peasant economy and self-sufficient level. The social management backward and failure lead to the social disorder and lack of justice.

The scientific socialism is to realise the socialised production from the perspective of social management.

The conception of socialised production is very clear. It’s relative to the self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy. The small-scale peasant economy is to grow, to produce, to eat, to consume one’s own food. People seldom get involved in the economic relationship with others in the society, and they don’t need others’ assistance to accomplish production and consumption.

While the socialised production need many people’s cooperation or even all the people’s cooperation to produce one product, they are interlocking, producing and consuming together.

Just like manufacturing vehicles, which need mining, steeling, machinery processing, oil exploring, oil refining, electric appliance, science and technology, education, glass, rubber, textile—almost all industries in the whole society are involved in.

Because the socialised production need commodity economy, commodity economy need capitalism, then the capitalism replaced the feudal social system.

That’s what Marx said, productivity decides production relationships, which is correct. However, the capitalism just solved this problem from the perspective of economy, and it can only adapt to the socialised production from the perspective of economy.

And the word ‘capital’ is the special word of economics. I think to socialised production, it’s not enough to design a social system only from the perspective of economy.

We should adapt to the socialised production from the perspective of social management. The social management includes economic system, but its scope is much greater than economic system.

The social management includes all aspects, besides economics, there are also politics, ideological, education, ethics, spiritual civilisation, religion, etc.

Everything should be seen from the perspective of social management, to see whether it adapts to the development of productivity or whether it adapts to the need of the socialised production.

From the perspective of social management, we need all those benefit the social management, and we don’t need all those harm the social management. So I think we need capitalism, and the Public ownership is also a kind of capitalism–state capitalism.

Therefore, both the public ownership and the private ownership are capitalism. The differences lie in that it is the personal mastery and operation of capital; or the state control and operate the capital on behalf of its people.

Because the country needs money to operate, to maintain justice, to keep security, to do basic research, to promote basic education. And these money cannot be limited nor restricted. Justice is priceless, cannot be restricted nor limited, must be implemented, cannot bargain, and no matter how much it may cost, justice must be maintained.

And all of this can only be done by the state-owned capital. After adjusting the social order well, we will find that all of this does not have to be paid by our common people, which mean they are all free of charge. They can even bring our common people dividends and unexpected benefits.

Just like in China, many common people who have nothing and extremely poor became rich overnight. Why? Because the country’s development, the city’s development, and when the development comes to their home, they will be assigned several apartments and become millionaire or even trillion airs overnight. That’s not an individual case, and it can be seen everywhere. It’s a widely known pet phrase that ‘the poor turn to be rich by demolition’. Even if there’s no demolition, their houses’ price increased from the former several tens of thousands of RMB to hundreds of thousands of RMB or even millions of RMB. That’s the dividends that the Chinese people get. That’s the benefits from the success of China’s infrastructure construction, social management, and social operation.

It’s an extreme thought opposite the public ownership and the private ownership. Both the left-leaning and the right-leaning thoughts are opportunism thoughts, which are lack of root, should be broken down, and simple-minded.

All the people on earth have the left-leaning or the right-leaning thoughts, which belong to the extreme thoughts.

The reason that these extreme thoughts is because the human beings cannot think, or cannot think correctly, which is simple-minded.

Because the left-leaning or the right-learning just need to choose, there is no need to think or investigate or research.

Because the social scientific management, rational management, there is a need to collect all the information, to investigate comprehensively, to think and measure generally, and then find the best solution.

It’s the human beings’ pity of not being able to realise the socialised production from the perspective of social management.