2、The Primary Objective of Communism Is to Benefit the People

23 November 2014

Any regime or thought flaunt that they can benefit the people.

That’s also what feudal society, capitalist society, Hitler, and Japanese invasion to China said.

But I think the right communist society is the most scientific and rational one, because people are selfish, greedy and narrow-minded in their nature, while national governance is a complicated and rational thing, it involves all aspects of things. It both has long-term benefit and short-term benefit, not only has to consider the interest of this group of people, but also needs to consider the interest of that group of people.

This kind of thing is very professional and complicated.

The so-called democracy lets selfish, greedy, and narrow-minded common people to make decision about professional, rational, and complicated things, which is the most absurd thing about democracy.

Therefore, politicians in capitalist country discover that everything they do is full of difficulties and obstacles.

The root cause is that truth is generally mastered by a small number of people. The biggest problem of democracy is that it enables people who don’t know about the truth to make decision, or it lets ridiculous, wrong, and narrow-minded people decide things which should have been decided by a few people who master truth.

Hence, they also admit that democracy is not the best system. Democracy is a better system compared with feudal oppression, genocide, and race-baiting.

However, it is relatively backward from the perspective of state construction and benefiting the people.

In my point of view, communism should take benefiting the people as its goal based on the principle. Communism should be integrated by public capital and resources. In the aspect of national top-level design, it should construct the country and benefit the people through rational, scientific, and long-range plan.

Power and freedom of people in communist countries seem to have been restricted for the sake of public interest and national interest, but as citizens, limitations have to be made for the public interest and national interest. People are selfish, greedy, and narrow-minded in their nature and can’t consider problems from the angle of national interest and public interest, thus states have to limit some power and freedom to make rational room for national and public interest.

The public giving up a part of power and freedom will be rewarded.

In other words, it is an overbalanced investment deal rather than a compulsory oppression.

When the public exchanges national power and freedom for overbalanced return of investment, the real and successful socialism will be achieved, just the current society of China.

When the power and freedom given to the state by citizens exchanged for is suffering, oppression, fear, and poverty, it is not real socialism but a fraud and a shameless deal in the name of socialism. People are doing a bad bargain and fail in investment. In other words, people are cheated by profiteers in this transaction and abducted by human traders, just like North Korea and failing communist countries. A business and transaction object should be changed to make new investment.

Therefore, don’t take about human right and freedom in Western countries to define communism. It is a public investment deal and should be a highly profitable investment and deal. If it is applied appropriately, everyone can have a happy, safe, sound, and affluent life. Chinese people now have gained benefit and will gain more, which is beyond doubt and is obvious to all.

People in communist countries achieving nothing might come across rascals and profiteers. They should change transaction object, cooperation way or cooperative project to make new investment.

It is realistic to common people. Democracy, freedom, and human right are just like a piece of employee’s card rather than substantial benefit. Benefit can only be gained through hardworking.

However, scientific socialism is a public investment, which is highly profitable. If people come across cheaters, profiteers, and rascals, they just need to change its transaction object and cooperative project.

Hence, I said it earlier that Chinese people have to use money to prove the existence of Chinese people, Communists have to use money to show the correctness proof of the CPC leadership, and socialist countries have to use money to prove the correctness of communism path. Action speaks louder than words.

Common people just need money and want nothing else.

Sungun policy is nonsense and is terrorism.