1、The Scientific Public Ownership System Is Mahayana Buddhism

12 September 2014

Marx described a blueprint of public ownership system for people. However, Marx was just a dreamer who had no empirical experience in capital operation and management.

Marx has once said that labour was the first demand of human beings, which, however, was typical nonsense, indicating that he was an ignorant dreamer.

The fact also reflected that Marx did not truly understand humanity. He was a typical idealist and bookworm. Without any social experience, he knew nothing about the suffering of human, the fickleness of human nature, and the inconstancy of human relationship, let alone the odiousness and incurability of humanity.

As a result, he simply held that the world would be peaceful if the exploitation and oppressors could both be eliminated, and that odiousness and oppression do not exist in the world. It is just under the guidance of such a ridiculous and inhuman theory that the human society is involved into an unprecedented catastrophe and massacre.

Public ownership system is not a wrong theory; rather, it is a quite advanced theory. However, when an advanced theory is proposed by an innocent dreamer, it will become the most powerful weapon for the terrorism.

The evil will become devils if they master the magic weapon.

The fool will also become devils if they master the magic weapon.

The system of public ownership could be truly comprehended and flexibly used by the wise that are provided with the essence of Mahayana Buddhism and Tao Te Ching.

As is described, western culture is a kind of individual culture. No matter how advanced Western culture is, it could only be categorized into the scope of Hinayana Buddhism, since it just emphasises the cultivation and liberation of individuals. Nevertheless, western culture could not help liberate and satisfy all the people, for it could not take the benefits of all into consideration.

As common people, the operation capability of their brain is limited; hence, it is sufficient for them to ensure that they could keep pace with the society. They are too busy to take care of all human beings and the whole society.

However, the population of the world amounts to 7 billion. There are countless relations among people all the time. The strength of an individual is insignificant to the whole world.

Individuals could not destroy the profits of others and the world while developing themselves; otherwise, conflicts and contradictories may emerge, leading to banes for descendants and they themselves.

How to develop oneself while take the benefits of all people and the whole country into accounts is great wisdom, which is also the essence of Mahayana Buddhism.

Individual benefits could evolve into long-term benefits and authentic benefits while integrated with international and national benefits.

The odiousness in human nature is incurable. However, there are indeed some people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for their nations and take national benefits into consideration in every country and every period. However, only goodwill is far from enough, since goodwill may not always lead to positive results.

People are different from each other; one person may have different ideas in different stages; moreover, the ability, intelligence, character, and experience of people vary from individual to individual; hence, the desires of people are totally diverse.

All people will feel resentful, upset, and painful when their desires could not be fulfilled. The desire of one will interact with those of others instead of being separated, since people live in a society rather than an isolated island.

Culture, ideology, politics, and ethics are used to control the relations and desires among people.

Culture, ideology, politics, and ethics are various approaches that can be called ‘Tao’.

Due to the universal and close relation among people, it is necessary to take the nation or even human being as a whole to explore and control relations while dealing with interpersonal relations or Tao.

In order to conduct researches, the nation and the world should be regarded as a controllable system. In addition, it is important to propose the most reasonable method through discussion, so as to satisfy the desires and needs of most people, and thus receive the identification and supports of them.

A minority of people are naturally evils and social opponents, who should be eliminated from the society, so as to ensure the interests and security of the majority.

The culture, law, and morality in Western countries are approaches and ‘Tao’, which take political rights and economic profits of individuals as the research focus and objects. Hence, compared with the approaches and ‘Tao’, which take a national or a society as research objects, the approaches and ‘Tao’ employed by Western countries belong to Hinayana Buddhism.

It seems that Western culture protects the political and economic rights of everyone. However, western culture could not solve the fundamental contradictories among people and countries, let alone the fundamental interest conflicts and deep-seated problems among people and countries.

The fundamental inequality among people could be attributed to capital inequality.

The principle of public ownership system is to realise complete equality or elementary equality among people. However, the most serious challenge that should be solved by Public ownership system is the odiousness and incurability of human nature.

According to the Bible, even the ancestors were ‘bad kids’, for they furtively ate the forbidden fruits, closed their ears to both suggestions and imperial decree, and behaved unruly. They took the words of God like a passing wind and the words of human as jokes. All people, including even saints, philosophers, emperors, and leaders, always pretend to be compliant, deceive both superiors and subordinates, take deceitful countermeasures to deal with commands, and ride the high horse. By holding the real power in their hand, they attempt to control everything.

Human nature is essentially odious. Private ownership system could not restrain the odiousness in human nature. Only through scientific public ownership system could this issue be solved. By praising virtue and punishing vice, human beings could be thoroughly liberated, which is the sole solution and valuable asset left by Marx.

The purpose of Buddhism is to benefit and rescue mankind. Hinayana Buddhism focuses on individual cultivation, which aims to liberate and extricate the minority, so as to help them arrive at the shore of wisdom.

Mahayana Buddhism aims to benefit and rescue mankind of the society and even the world. By liberating and extricating all human beings, Mahayana Buddhism could help them arrive at the shore of wisdom.

‘Scientific communism’, which is also known as ‘scientific state capitalism’ could help realise this goal, since it also aims to ‘liberate and extricate all human beings, so as to help them arrive at the shore of wisdom’. This is the ideology and doctrine of Mahayana Buddhism.

‘Scientific communism’, which is also known as ‘scientific state capitalism’ pragmatises the seemingly vacant Mahayana Buddhism and religious doctrine. By making Mahayana Buddhism and religious doctrine tangible, they could be applied to solve problems practically.

Whether individuals could understand this point is determined by their own consciousness dimension and comprehensive ability. Mahayana Buddhism could indeed solve this problem, realise this goal and thus fulfil the mission.

Capitalism could at most be categorized into the scope of Hinayana Buddhism, which could only rescue several billionaires rather than all people. As a result, the majority could not be liberated. This is the reason for why America-dominated world becomes increasingly chaotic.