7. Tong Xiaolin’s team cooperated with the factory to produce TCM decoctions in plastic bags, and TCM tablets, which were used by patients in large quantities



According to Tong Xiaolin's prescription, Jiuzhoutong Pharmaceutical made decoction and Lianyungang Kangyuan Pharmaceutical made Chinese medicine granules.

Wuhan Virus No. 1 prescription has distributed more than 700,000 medicines in Hubei Province, and more than 50,000 patients have taken this medicine, and its curative effect has been well received by patients.

Wuhan Virus No.2 prescription has issued more than 90,000 medicines, and the curative effect is obvious.

Tong Xiaolin's team cooperated with technicians to develop a mobile App. Patients can scan the QR code and enter related information, and then they can get one-on-one medication guidance and consultation from the doctors. And can be served globally.

Tong Xiaolin is full of confidence in overcoming the epidemic, he said that: "We observed 1176 cases with an effective rate of 92.69%. Now the overall control of the epidemic situation is very effective, the overall incidence rate is obviously decreasing, and the discharge rate is also increasing. My current work focuses on the rescue and recovery treatment of critically ill patients. I am generally optimistic about the situation."