6. Forwarding: The president of the Academy of TCM Sciences suggested that due to the outstanding performance of Chinese medicine in fighting the Pandemic , Chinese medicine should be truly integrated into the public health emergency management system 



On March 23, 2020, Study Times, which is under the National School of Administration, published an article entitled "Combining Peacetime with Wartime to Promote the Development of TCM" written by Huang Luqi,  president of Chinese Academy of TCM.

In his article, Huang Luqi emphasized that Chinese medicine and Western medicine played a significant role in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus pneumonia through complementary advantages.

According to the article, in the response to the epidemic situation in coronavirus pneumonia, Chinese medicine participated in the whole process, from the prevention and control of people in close contact to the treatment of mild and ordinary patients and severe and critically ill patients. Studies have proved that the combination of TCM and western medicine can quickly improve fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms, shorten hospitalization days, increase the negative rate of nucleic acid, effectively reduce the development from mild and ordinary type to severe type and critically ill type, improve the cure rate and reduce the death rate.

Traditional Chinese medicine plays an active role in improving blood oxygen saturation and inhibiting inflammation storms.

The article stated that, unlike the Western medicine diagnosis and treatment method, Chinese medicine treatment does not require complicated procedures such as virus analysis, animal experiments, and clinical trials.