11. Forward: TCM anti-epidemic effect: the rate of mild patients in makeshift hospitals turn into severe cases is as low as 2%

2021/8/30 4:23


The "Chinese Medicine Anti-epidemic and International Development Summit Forum" was held in Hong Kong yesterday. A number of mainland and local medical experts shared the anti-epidemic effects of TCM and pointed out that TCM can regulate immune dysfunction, suppress inflammatory Cytokine storm, and protect major organ functions. , And play a role in suppressing and killing viruses, makeshift hospitals have effectively reduced the ratio of mild turn into severe cases to 2%.

Experts believe that TCM anti-epidemic can cover all the stages of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, If early and full intervention is involved, the hospitalization and conversion time can be shortened, and the critical illness and mortality of infected patients can be minimized.

Zhang Boli, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, shared the experience of fighting the epidemic in the Mainland and summed up the many contributions of TCM in fighting the epidemic.

includes centralized isolation; taking Chinese medicine; effectively suppressing the spread of the epidemic. The use of TCM in the makeshift hospitals to treat mild and common patients has controlled the rate of transition from mild to severe.

He cited data that 90% of people infected in temporary hospitals take traditional Chinese medicine, and the rate of mild turn into severe cases is 2% to 5%, which is far lower than the 13% severe and 7% critical illness reported by the World Health Organization;

In the treatment of critically ill patients and rehabilitation treatment for sequelae during the recovery period, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine has a significant effect.