10. Forwarding: The front line of anti-epidemic, Chinese medicine shows its skills

2021/08/12   Xinhua Newspaper Network-Xinhua Daily


Recently, Nanjing Jiangning Hospital of TCM has continuously decocted TCM decoction according to the "Chinese Medicine Preventive Prescription" formulated by Jiangsu Provincial Expert Group on TCM, and sent it to centralized isolation points and other places for front-line medical staff and the masses to drink free of charge to help fight the epidemic.

Since July 20, 2021 Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has distributed more than 300,000 free TCM preventive decoction such as "Qingfei Paidu Decoction" and "Provincial TCM Expert Prescriptions" to quarantine points in Nanjing, and the utilization rate of TCM among quarantined people has exceeded 96%.

At the same time, nearly 15,000 bags of epidemic prevention decoction were provided free of charge for inpatients, accompanying and community residents.