1. The function of TCM is to regulate the immune system of human body and make human body produce natural antibodies, which are 13 times stronger than vaccines


1. According to Bannon's news interview program and Israeli research report, the antibody produced by human natural immunity is 20 times more effective than vaccine

2. How strong is human immunity after rehabilitation? New study: 13 times stronger than 2 doses of Pfizer


In a large-scale research report in Israel, scientists found that people who received two complete doses of Pfizer vaccine were 13 times more likely to be infected by Delta variant virus than those who had been diagnosed with Wuhan virus and recovered. (Reuters)

The research team used the data of the health care service database to track the medical records of about 800,000 Israelis and observe the health status of these people from June 1 to August 14, 2021 thus reaching the above conclusion.

Experts who are in charge of this project believe that this study compares human natural immunity with vaccine protection, which is the largest observational study in related fields so far.