3. Westerners can quickly end the catastrophe of the coronavirus

10 May 2020

It has been more than 5 months since the discovery of coronavirus. Now, China has basically end the catastrophe of the coronavirus, but the western countries are still deeply troubled by the coronavirus.

‘Therapeutic Schedule Based on integrated Chinese and Western medicine’ Determined on January 25 in the Meeting Held by China Political Bureau. In the following two months or so, the Chinese government announced that it had basically eliminated the catastrophe of the coronavirus and won a brilliant victory in the war against the coronavirus.

Some officials of the Chinese government also asked the people of Wuhan to thank Xi Jinping and the Communist Party. Although this was disgusted by some people, from an objective perspective, the Communist Party and Xi Jinping did indeed do the right thing. In fact, the decision of the Communist Party and Xi Jinping on ‘Therapeutic Schedule Based on integrated Chinese and Western medicine’ helped the Chinese people relieve the coronavirus disaster.

It took only two month to control the disaster of coronavirus in China. It's so fast that I can't believe it. I think that Western countries have not believed this to be true until now. But I want to tell you that this is indeed true. This is not China's false propaganda, this is what really happened.
I hope that Western countries can also use traditional Chinese medicine to help your country relieve the coronavirus disaster.

Why can Chinese medicine relieve the coronavirus disaster? Why is Chinese medicine effective for coronavirus? Why can't Western medicine solve the coronavirus disaster now?

This is a blank area of Western medicine knowledge. The knowledge to solve coronavirus is beyond the scope of Western medicine, so Western medicine can never find the answer to remove coronavirus, or cannot find the answer within a long period of time.

This is also the purpose of writing this book. I hope people can learn to use all kinds of knowledge to create well-being and solve various problems for human beings.

From the beginning of this book, I put forward a knowledge point and concept, that is- “scope of consciousness”.

If the sum of all Western medicine knowledge is a scope of consciousness, it like a circle, then the scope of consciousness of doctors in all Western countries are all in this circle. When they encounter any problems, they will only find answers in this circle, and will never go beyond this consciousness and circle.

I can say that all areas of knowledge of Chinese medicine are in another circle. This circle is similar to that of Western medicine, but it does not overlap.

Because Western medicine has completely different working principle as Chinese medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine is the knowledge and tools that God taught to ancient Chinese thousands of years ago.

The Bible says that human beings are all created by God. When God created man, man had its own immune system and self-healing system, which means that when the human body is harmed or invaded by viruses, it will repair itself. I believe this principle is also understood by Western medicine.

People will get sick and die because of external injury or internal injury and pathogenic factors beyond the scope of the body's self-repair and immune system. I believe Western medicine will agree with this statement.

To put it simply, the treatment principle of Western medicine is that it works against external injuries, internal injuries, and pathogenic factors. For example, if a viral infection occurs, the treatment plan of Western medicine is to find a treatment plan to kill the virus.

The treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine is not to treat external injuries, internal injuries, and pathogenic factors, but to work on its own immune system and self-repair system.
Chinese medicine can regulate the self-immune system and self-repair system, let the immune system kill viruses and bacteria, and help the self-repair system to repair external or internal body tissue damage.

Different Chinese medicines can act on different human organs, allowing the immune system to increase insufficient activity or reduce excessive activity, and promote the repair system to repair human organs and tissues.

These are just some basic principles of Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Because my aunt is a highly educated pharmacist and doctor, this is what she taught me. I knew it since I was a child.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, one day, a Christian sent me a message-a recording of the speech made by Professor Wu Jun about coronavirus. Professor Wu Jun is an associate professor at the Medical Center of the City of Hope in the United States(the biggest tumor hospital in the United States) and the director of the Animal Tumor Model Laboratory.

After listening to Professor Wu's speech, I felt that this was the inspiration of God to me. I think Chinese medicine can relieve the coronavirus disaster.

Professor Wu Jun said: when the patient has a fever, lung inflammation, or white lung, most of the viruses in the human body have been killed. These phenomena are just that the virus caused an excessive immune response. The immune system will continue to attack the lung cells and cells of other organs, causing inflammation of the lungs or other organs.

I think what Professor Wu Jun said is exactly the working principle and scope of Chinese medicine. I think the “clearing heat and detoxifying” effect of traditional Chinese medicine can solve the problem that the “immune system continues to attack the lung cells and cells of other organs, it will cause inflammation of the lung or other organs”. This is the most traditional and oldest treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. We have known it since we were young, and it is often used and mentioned in daily life. This is a basic common sense in China.

I just know some basic common sense. The person who can really solve the coronavirus crisis is still the top Chinese medicine expert in China.

Since‘Therapeutic Schedule Based on integrated Chinese and Western medicine’  is the highest political decision made by the Chinese government, China sent its top Chinese medicine experts to Wuhan in January. The two I know are Tong Xiaolin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Boli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
With the efforts of Tong Xiaolin, Zhang Boli, and other experts and medical staffs, China basically defeated the coronavirus two months later. The Chinese government has made a lot of reports in the news media. In the meanwhile, Tong Xiaolin and Zhang Boli also announced their methods, experience and clinical data of using Chinese medicine.

1. Zhang Boli said that after treatment with traditional Chinese medicine more than 500 mild patients admitted to the Cabin Hospital under his administration were basically cured, and none of them turned into severe patients.

2. Academician Tong Xiaolin said that the total effective rate of “lung heat clearing and detoxing soup” is 97.78%, and none of his mild patients have been converted into severe or critically ill patients. The “lung heat clearing and detoxing soup” has been listed as the first choice of clinical diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus in traditional Chinese medicine.
As of March 13, of 1261 new coronavirus pneumonia patients in 10 provinces, after taking “lung heat clearing and detoxing soup”, 1102 patients have been cured, 29 patients have had the symptoms disappeared, and 71 patients have improved significantly. Of the 40 severely ill patients, 28 have been discharged, and of the remaining 12 patients who are still in hospital, 10 patients have had the symptoms improved, and all patients are recovering.

3. According to a group of data published on Guangming Daily on March 13, in the worst-hit Wuchang district of Wuhan, the COVID-19 patients confirmed accounted for high up to above 90% after all suspected cases accepted test on January 28. On February 2, the measure of offering intervention therapy to all people at guard points with traditional Chinese medicine was implemented, and till February 6, the confirmation rate decreased to over 30%, and till March 5, it decreased to 3%. We can see from the group of data that the effect of offering intervention therapy to suspected cases and confirmed patients with traditional Chinese medicine was rather remarkable.

4. Statistics show that among the confirmed patients of new coronavirus pneumonia in the country, 74187 people use traditional Chinese medicine, accounting for 91.5%. 61449 people in Hubei Province used traditional Chinese medicine, accounting for 90.6%. Through observing the clinical efficacy, it can be found that the total effective rate of traditional Chinese medicine has reached more than 90%.

Judging from these data, Chinese medicine is a special drug for removing coronavirus, which is proved by more than 70,000 cases in China.
It has been two months since China successfully defeated the coronavirus, but now Western countries are in dire straits.
Why don't you Western countries use the special medicine of Chinese medicine to rescue your citizens?
Is it because you don’t know this information? Or don’t you believe in this information? Or are you reluctant to believe that this information is true?
I have been criticizing the bureaucracy of the Chinese government, but all politicians in Western countries are equally bureaucratic, even more serious than China.

I think the United States should immediately invite Tong Xiaolin and Zhang Boli to the United States, and let them bring enough Chinese medicine to let them personally demonstrate how Chinese medicine cures coronavirus patients and then spread this experience to the whole world. If so, I believe that the coronavirus crisis will be lifted in about a month, and we can quickly return to normal work and life.

It is best to let them bring some raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine and teach Americans in the United States to cook and make traditional Chinese medicine, so as to save people who are suffering all over the world.
If Chinese medicine is used all over the world, will there be a shortage of Chinese medicine? I believe that American scientists will also study the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and develop more effective alternative medicines and treatments.
I think Chinese medicine does not necessarily use a certain medicine. On the contrary, Chinese medicine has many alternative medicines, which can have the same or similar effects. Even every country has some local plants that can be used as Chinese medicine.

Because Chinese medicine does not directly act on viruses, but on the immune system and repair system of the human body.

I think that each country has its own traditional medical method, but the World Health Organization has denied this method. This behavior cut off people's way out.

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