1. The principles of Chinese medicine and Western medicine are completely different, and each has its own strengths

God's revelation to ancient Chinese people is yin-yang philosophy, system view,

Zhouyi, Tao Te Ching and Huangdi Neijing are books given by God to ancient Chinese.

Tao Te Ching is a classic of Chinese Taoism

Huangdi Neijing is a classic of ancient Chinese medicine

Zhouyi is a book about the changing law of things, which is often used for fortune telling.

I think using God's revelation to the ancient Chinese can end the disaster of Wuhan virus

Traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of medical skill that uses yin-yang theory and system view to treat human body.

The human body is a very complex system, with 11 complex systems including respiratory system, blood circulation system, immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system and so on.

Because of internal or external factors, the working state of these systems leaves the normal range, and the body will feel uncomfortable or cause disease or even death. This is the consensus recognized by Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

According to the Bible, the human body is a very complicated machine created by God according to his appearance, which is used to load the soul.

This machine of human body adjusts its working state through 11 systems all the time, so that each system of human body keeps balance.

The human body itself has a very complex function of keeping the balance of its various systems. When we need go to the hospital to see a doctor, because these systems  work beyond their normal range. We need to listen to the doctor's advice and restore the balance of the human body through medicine and treatments.

The principle of Western medicine in treating diseases is to treat viruses or organs that cause diseases through some medicine and methods. For example, cataract removal, appendix removal, heart stenting and antibiotic injection are medical knowledge mastered by human beings relying on science and technology, which is good.

The principle of Chinese medicine to treat diseases is to increase or decrease the excitement of some certain system, so that the body's self-repair function can control the situation of the human body and make them work within an acceptable range. So that damaged organs are automatically repaired

Because not only antibiotics can kill viruses and bacteria, but also human immune system can kill viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, treating diseases with traditional Chinese medicine means that patients have cured their own diseases.

The function of traditional Chinese medicine is to regulate one's own immune system, so that the working state of immune cells is excited or eased.

Therefore, it is very simple for Chinese medicine to treat diseases. Chinese medicine does not need to study viruses, but only symptoms, and uses corresponding medicine according to the human reactions shown by patients to restore the balance of the human body.

Because in principle, no matter any virus or bacteria, the immune system of human body can kille them all. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine only need to use corresponding medicine to increase or inhibit the activity of the immune system according to the working state of the patient's immune system.

Let me talk about some simple Chinese common sense:

For example, if a patient suffers from chills caused by virus infection, and the virus attacks the healthy cells of the human body, it is due to the lack of vitality of the immune system, so it is necessary to increase the activity of the interest-free system.

In life, if Chinese people suffer from viral colds, and the patient's body temperature rises, but he feels cold, often he  will drink ginger brown sugar water, then keep warm and make his body sweat, and the cold will be cured after sleep

Fever, suppuration, inflammation and blushing caused by virus or bacteria mean that the immune system is overactive and continues to attack human cells after killing the virus. Traditional Chinese medicine needs to suppress the vitality of the immune system through treatment. For example, I sometimes suffer from oral inflammation due to fatigue, and I will drink a lot of mung bean soup to relieve it. Very effective.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger can make people fever, which is explained by modern medicine to improve the vitality of immune system. Mung bean can clearing heat and detoxicating, which is explained by modern medicine to reduce the vitality of immune system.