6. Opposing hydroxychloroquine is also part of the CCP's attempt to use the virus to conquer the United States

NTDTV's interview with Simone Gold, MD

After the outbreak of the Wuhan virus in the United States, some clinicians in the United States discovered that the combination therapy of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D can effectively treat patients with Wuhan virus. It can cure mild patients within a few days.

And this treatment was recommended by President Trump, and he personally tried to verify its safety

Trump has done his best to do what he should do.

After this election, it now appears that the banning of hydroxychloroquine by the US media and medical institutions is also part of the coup against Trump, as well as part of the CCP's conspiracy to drive away Trump who is not cooperating with Xi Jinping.

Because the US government, media, and medical institutions have been infiltrated and bribed by the CCP on a large scale.

The American media and medical institutions are serving the CCP, not the United States. Even with a large number of facts in front of them, hydroxychloroquine has been proven by a large number of clinicians to be an effective medicine for the treatment of Wuhan virus. The medical institution still vetoed it, the purpose is to drive Trump away.

They disregarded the lives of the American people and caused the death of a large number of patients to create facts for the media to attack Trump's failure to deal with the epidemic.

They think that To block hydroxychloroquine is to block Trump, a conspiracy of the media and medical institutions manipulated by the CCP.

In fact, even though hydroxychloroquine is not the best medicine for treating Wuhan virus, it is also a better medicine for treating Wuhan virus, and the CCP itself is also using hydroxychloroquine to treat Wuhan virus on a large scale.

However, the evil CCP also blocked this road for Americans deliberately, causing Americans to attack their own people. They hope that the death toll of Americans will drive Trump away and help the CCP conquer the United States. This is extremely evil and vicious.

If Americans can realize this, you can truly overcome the disaster of the Wuhan virus. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, it is useless, because you are killing yourself.

I have talked a lot about the treatment of Wuhan virus before.

Under the current circumstances, if the antidote of Qingfei Paidu Decoction cannot be obtained from China, I think the effect of hydroxychloroquine cocktail therapy should be similar.
I estimate that hydroxychloroquine combination therapy can achieve more than 60% of the therapeutic effect of the Chinese antidote.

Hydroxychloroquine combination therapy is also a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method, which I explained in a previous article.
Now, this treatment plan cannot pass the verification and approval by Western medicine.
This is also a weakness of Western countries recognized by the CCP, and this is also the fundamental reason why the CCP launched this virus war.

Because Westerners do not understand how to use traditional Chinese medicine and reject Chinese medicine. because it is cheap and efficient. so the medical system will not make much money for this.

You should put aside your prejudices and selfish interests for the time being, and consider for the survival of your nation. You want to use the medical system to make money, or do you want the medical system to save lives and save your nation?

In order to save lives, I suggest that first, we can immediately establish a pilot project of mobile cabin hospitals that can accommodate thousands of people,

gather volunteers with mild patients who have tested positive to the mobile cabin hospitals, and give patients free hydroxychloroquine cocktail therapy Pilot, and inform the people of the therapeutic effect of "hydroxychloroquine cocktail therapy" in real-time through the Internet and the media.

Let the facts defeat the medical bureaucrats and fake news media bribed by the CCP.
After the treatment effect is verified and recognized by the people, it can be gradually promoted nationwide.
In this way, the United States and the world can gradually solve the disaster of the Wuhan virus.

The effect of the newly developed vaccine needs to be observed, because this virus is a combination of AIDS and SARS, and we know that there is no vaccine for AIDS. So I don't have much hope for the vaccine.

Yan Limeng also said that this virus vaccine is ineffective. Because the CCP will continue to create new variant viruses and new types of viruses, and spread them, making your vaccines ineffective.