1. Overview

As far as I know, Wuhan virus is part of the The Anglo-Saxon Mission, the purpose is evil aliens and freemasons to control human beings and reduce population.

The deep state of the United States and evil aliens have been developing viruses that can reduce the population, which is known as the virus Gain-of-Function project .

Due to the legal restrictions in the United States, the United States transferred this experiment to Wuhan Institute of virology CAS around 2014, and Fauci provided gene editing technology and funds.

Due to accidental leakage or artificial release, the virus began to spread around October 2019, when the Military World Games were held.

Because Xi Jinping's educational level is only primary school, except for stealing power and stealing the country, everything about governing the country is nonsense and ignorant.

In December  2019, the local government reported the virus to Xi Jinping, who ordered Wuhan to conceal the epidemic and let the Civil aviation plane spread the virus to the whole world, causing the pandemic.

Because Wuhan virus is a biological weapon made by evil aliens and deep state of the world in cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party, Used to reduce the population and control the earth, so after the virus broke out, evil aliens, deep state and Freemasons used all their resources to help the Chinese Communist Party conceal the origin of the virus and mislead people all over the world that the virus came from nature.

Wuhan virus is a war between evil aliens and their agents and human beings.

Only when the people on the earth know all the truth about what happened on the earth, then mankind is the master of the earth, otherwise human beings will always be slaves.

My slogan is: All human beings have the right to know all the things happening on the earth. Mankind is the master of the earth. This is God's will.