5. It is not that China is interfering in the U.S. election, but the CCP red nobility is stealing the U.S. election

Both American generals and American people think that China interfered in the 2020 election.

There is evidence that fraudulent election ballots were printed in China, and Dominion is 75 percent owned by The Chinese government. This is correct.

But what I need the American people and people all over the world to know is that China is not socialism or communism, but red dignitary capitalism and reddignitary imperialism.

Xi Jinping currently controls all power in China, and Xi Jinping controls almost all the military, police, judiciary and government agencies in China. All China's orders were issued by Xi Jinping, especially in recent years. In particular, such interference in stealing other countries' political power and elections,  must be issued by Xi Jinping and personally directed.

If the United States retaliates against Xi Jinping's red dignitary capitalist regime and red dignitary imperialism by means of war, there is reasonable.

Everyone needs to be responsible for their actions, no matter what your purpose is.

1. Creating this virus, spreading the virus, concealing the truth, and using TCM antidote to blackmail other countries are a manifestation of Xi Jinping's red dignitary imperialism ambitions.

2. Using Dominion voting machine to steal other countries'  president elections is another manifestation of Xi Jinping's red dignitary imperialism ambitions.

3. Collect funds through P2P financial fraud and invest in the Belt and Road Initiative. It is used as a manifestation of Xi Jinping's red dignitary conquering the world and expanding its power to the world.

4. The Chinese government invented the brain death machine and frantically harvesting the human organs alive  to make money. It also made financial preparations for Xi Jinping to conquer the whole world and suppress the people

In a word, what I want to say is that CCP does not represent the Chinese people, CCP does not represent socialism, Xi Jinping andCCP is a traitor against humanity