4. Michael Thomas Flynn said Trump's votes exceeded the initial set value of the cheating system, and a large number of fake votes needed to be put in manually to guarantee Biden won more votes

Flynn said eight points in a recent interview

1) He said that the Trump team has a very clear path to victory, and it is 100% victory

2) This election is the result of computer cheating and fake votes. The reason why several swing States stopped counting votes on November 3 was that they found that computer cheating could not win Trump, so they urgently filled fake votes;

3) There is a lot of evidence in hand now, Trump team want to go through legal procedures

4) Social media censors Americans;

5) The general said that "how dare you American company censor American people"

6) Kraken system tracking shows that China and Iran are involved in the steal election

7) The general said that he could not talk about the details of the German server now

8) When the Biden Group comes to power, it is the end of America. For the benefit of future generations. he and American patriots will never allow this to happen.