3. Sidney Katherine Powell said that U.S. election cheating at least 7 million votes tampered with, roughly 3 million dead people cast ballots

According  to the seized server, at least 7 million votes were cheated and tampered with in the US election, and about 3 million dead people voted, and the data was transmitted to the  enemies of the United States, such as Iran, China and Syria.

And the CIA is involved, and Department of Justice, the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI ignore or acquiesce in such incidents.

And because Trump won too many votes, which exceeded the initial setting value of the cheating system, they had to shut down the system for several hours, enter false data, and then restart the system. That's where the Biden curve came from.

According to common sense, a week before the vote, after the hard drive incident broke out in the Biden family, I thought Biden would never win because it was treason, cooperating with senior Chinese agents and taking a lot of bribes. American voters will not vote for traitors. So Biden will never win.

However, the news reported that the election system was shut down for 3 hours, and Biden suddenly won a lot of votes after restarting, resulting in the "Biden Curve". I think that this was artificial manipulation and fraud.

Because I am a scientist, according to the probability, voters in the same area have roughly the same voting ratio for two candidate. ​that is, how many people voted for Trump and how many people voted for Biden. This probability is basically unchanged, or because of some factors, it changes slowly.

However after suspending for a few hours, Biden suddenly surged a lot of votes that could change the election results, and a sudden upward curve appeared on the chart, which showed that it was artificial manipulation and fraud.

Because it's something science can't explain. There is no other explanation except falsification.

From the moment I saw this curve, I concluded that someone had faked and stolen the election on a large scale.

Then what should do next is to find evidence. It is said that Trump has found a lot of evidence

Those involved in counterfeiting also collude with the extreme enemies of the United States, which is large-scale treason.

From this incident, we can see the evil of human beings. Those who master resources never want to use the resources and technology to create fairness and justice, ​and how to make high technology benefit mankind.

But  Use high-tech  to do some despicable things to achieve their goals, to defend their own interests,

The whole human race is like this.

This is the same principle as the Chinese government creates viruses, spreads viruses, deceiving the world, and using TCM and antidote to control the world. It  is no difference.

It's just that you do different things in different fields, but the essence of things is the same.

That's human evil. The evil of the soul. Human beings are destroying themselves.