2. It is said that the Democratic Party has 19 ways of election fraud

1. One person votes multiple times.

2. Dead people vote for Biden.

3. Dump Trump's ballot into the dustbin or in the wild.

4. Non-US citizens vote.

5. Deliberately let the votes for Trump be filled in with marker pen and become invalid votes.

6. The teller changes the ticket.

7. Stealing and destroying votes for Trump.

8. Stamp expired ballots with the election day postmark.

9. Refuse the admission supervision of Republican scrutineers

10. Covering windows with wooden boards for counting tickets in black houses.

11. Use the counting software to turn Trump tickets into Biden tickets.

12. They count the tickets that have already been counted as new tickets and repeat the count.

13. Trump's votes are thrown away.

14. Threatening that the elderly living in nursing homes must choose Biden, otherwise they will not be given food.

15. After the votes are counted, add a 0 to Biden's votes, which increases Biden's votes by 10 times.

16. SF Express fake votes are sent directly to the counting site in the early morning.

When some citizen went to vote, they were told that they had already voted

18. Do not cancel the votes of citizens who have moved away and vote for Biden

19. The Pennsylvania High Court unconstitutionally extended three days to accept votes.


Among them, using software to change tickets directly is the most effective, and it is fraudulent on a large scale.

Threatening the elderly in nursing homes without food is a direct death threat, which is extremely evil. It's not illegal, it's demonic.