1. Overview

According to the performance of Trump and Biden before the US election in 2020, I preliminarily judge that Biden can't win, and Trump will successfully win and be elected president of the United States. Because I don't think Biden can compete with Trump

After the Biden curve appeared on November 3, I started to pay attention to the US elections.

If you are a rational person, a knowledgeable person,  a common sense person will see cheating from the Biden curve. But in the end, Biden was elected president of the United States.

Based on my observations, I conclude that the 2020 U.S. election is a war between aliens and mankind.

Evil Aliens control education, money, politicians, media and movie stars,Big tech all over the world through Freemasonry Illuminati and Satanism. Trump has always claimed to clean up the crocodiles in the Washington swamp, that is, to clean up the Deep State, that is, the American government and the American people controlled by Reptilians through Freemasonry Illuminati, Satanism.

In the United States, the people hope to defeat evil aliens and Reptilians through legal elections. Because Reptilians have acquired the appearance of human beings through genetic technology, ordinary human beings will only think that they are normal Americans when they see them, and will not doubt their true identity.

But in fact, their souls and the internal structure of their bodies can prove that they are not human beings.

it is said on the Internet that the American government and a large proportion of all decent workers are actually not human beings. If possible, a simple physical examination can detect that their body structure does not belong to human beings.

The primitive impulses and instinctive needs of Reptilians's hybrids are different from those of human beings. Simply put, there is no innate desire to eat human flesh and drink human blood in human primitive impulses, but Reptilians and hybrids are innate with this desire. This is determined by their genes.

From this point of view, the American 2020 election is a war between human beings and evil aliens, Reptilians and alien proxies.

It is gratifying that for a long time there have been a group of patriots in the United States who have been trying to resist the rule of Reptilians and evil aliens over the United States and the slavery of people all over the world.

Trump is their representative, and they support Trump as president in the hope of overturning the rule of Reptilians through legal procedures

I hope all Americans, all mankind, can wake up. Human beings need a revolution against the rule and slavery of human society by Reptilians and evil aliens.

For people with common sense, Biden Curve is the evidence of coup and fraud in the 2020 US election. This one is enough, and other evidences are only to help people find out the facts.

And why can Biden and the people behind them win the election with such obvious evidence?

Because they are evil aliens, they don't belong to human beings. Aliens have the ability and wisdom beyond human beings. They have been active on the earth for thousands of years. They have controlled almost all the resources on the earth, such as finance, education, politics, media and oil.

They can let lies all over the world, and let no one hear the truth.

Only aliens can do this, and they are not one person, but a huge organization. The Biden Curve is not a shame for Americans, but a shame for all mankind. This shows that evil aliens and demons have completely ruled human beings, and they can do whatever they want.

The recognition of the Biden curve by humans is the recognition of the rule of the devil, that is, the surrender of humans to the devil, that is, humans embrace the devil and give up truth and God.

I hope all mankind can wake up.