9. Evidence that alien Reptilians live among us and control human beings

I've seen all the news that alien Reptilians have long lived among us, and many of them have become celebrities and national leaders.

For example, Obama, Merkel, the Queen and the Royal Family, the famous singer Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, a CNN TV host, an American general, and so on

I searched the Internet for relevant information and got a lot of video evidence.

Because the netizens made it very clear that Reptilians can make their appearance exactly the same as that of human beings by deceiving human brains or disguising themself through their alien technology,

When they get along with us, we can't distinguish them at all. But one thing about them is that sometimes their eyes reveal that they are Reptilians, not human beings. That is, they have lizard-like eyes.

The pupils of human eyes are round, but the pupils of Reptilians's eyes sometimes become a vertical line, just like lizard eyes.

I saw in online videos that the eyes of famous singer Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, a CNN TV host and many unknown Reptilians really turn into lizard eyes in an instant.

Because they are celebrities, they often make programs on TV. There will be high-definition cameras to record programs for them and play them frequently on the media.

I clearly saw that their eyes would have a membrane flash in their eyes at a certain moment, and when that membrane flashed, their pupils became lizard eyes.

That's a function of animal eyes. Human beings often need to clean and lubricate their eyeballs by blink . Many animals do not blink, but clean and lubricate their eyeballs through the opening and closing of this membrane, which is similar to the action and function of human blinking.

And according to my observation, there are several opening and closing forms of this membrane of Reptilians.

Some eye membrane open and close from left to right,

Some eye membrane open and close from right to left,

Some eye membrane open and close from bottom to top,

Some eye membrane open and close from both sides to the middle.

And in normal times, we see that their eyes are normal and the pupil is round. But when their eye membrane  is closed, the pupil becomes a vertical slit, which is the lizard eye.

It should be said that the gap in the middle of their eye membrane is transparent, and the rest of the eye membrane is opaque, which makes us look like their pupils become a gap. This can reduce the light entering the eyes. Reduce glare, but there is a gap where objects can be seen.

1. In CCTV's report on Merkel, there is a video that Merkel's eyes have a membrane turning up from below, covering her eyes. Obviously, this is not the structure of human eyes, but the structure and function of animal eyes. There is evidence that Merkel is a Reptilians in online legends.

No wonder she has made so many evil policies in favor of the CCP. Because she doesn't belong to human beings, but Reptilians. Attempting and ruling mankind. She is not working for human beings, but for human enemies, Reptilians and aliens.

2. Another photo shows that one eye of the Queen of England is completely black, and another video shows that the back of the left hand of the Queen is blue-black, as if she deliberately covered this hand at first.

Of course, some people will say that she may be the result of using drugs. But the British royal family has close contact and relationship with pedophiles. The paedophile organization is the organization that mutilates children and picks their adrenochrome alive.

There is also a video showing a naked boy aged 8-10 sliding down sheets from the second floor window of Buckingham Palace in an attempt to escape. This is the hard evidence of the British royal family's cruelty to children and paedophilia.

Moreover, it was reported on the Internet that Princess Diana wanted to expose the British royal family’s child killing in order to obtain adrenochrome. She was brutally murdered. This is logical.

3. I also saw a video of an American general who suddenly felt unwell when facing the camera in a meeting. From the front camera, there was nothing unusual, but from the side camera, the general's head seemed to turn into a monster.

There is also a video of Obama's bodyguard, which can't see anything unusual from the front, but the camera from the side shows that the man's head seems to have turned into a monster.

Reptilians are aliens, and their technology and evolution level, evolution time is far longer than that of human beings. This camouflage is a normal alien technology.

In fact, it is very simple to investigate Reptilians, just find some of their hair and do DNA identification to see if they are human. Maybe we can find some medical evidence.

I think their DNA must be different from that of human beings. Otherwise, how can the eyes be like this?

This is an war between human beings and alien Reptilians. We must investigate clearly and give mankind an explanation. This is the basic right of human beings, and everyone needs to defend human beings.

I think we should find all the Reptilians. At the very least, it needs strict supervision, if there are crimes and acts against humanity need to be tried by military courts.