8. Summary of Alien Cult Theories

Freemasons, Satanism, Illuminati, Reptilians, Greys-they controlled human finances, education, politics, media, oil, and they invent a series of deceptive theories, through which they completely control and enslave human beings ideologically and spiritually.

Human civilization is only a few thousand years old, but these Reptilians and evil aliens have evolved for hundreds of millions of years. The degree of human civilization is the third dimension, while these Reptilians and evil aliens are the fourth dimensions, and they are one order of magnitude higher than human beings on soul level.

The gap between Reptilians and humans is like the gap between humans and animals.

They are one order of magnitude higher in IQ and one order of magnitude higher in ability than human beings.

Human beings can't compete with these aliens in spirit, intelligence, theory, and consciousness. Therefore, human beings are completely controlled by these aliens spiritually, theoretically, and ideologically.

They control human beings spiritually by spreading evil theories, evil thoughts, distorted ideologies, anti-God thoughts, anti-fairness and justice thoughts, anti-moral bottom-line thoughts. Make human beings their slaves

All my life, I have been observing human beings and thinking about human problems.

I wrote this book to correct human spiritual and ideological deviations and fallacies and evils.

I will now summarize the evil aliens’ confusion and control of human ideology, cult propaganda.

Judging from the 2020 election in the United States, we human beings can clearly see that all their propaganda of "evil aliens, Reptilians, Freemasons, Illuminati, deep state, Satan, and the CCP" is false and completely used to deceive and confuse the people.

None of what they said is true. Their purpose is evil, vicious, and completely used to fool the people and maintain the evil rule of demons.

1. Speech censorship

Aliens control the United States and mankind, delete all the remarks that reveal the truth, and only allow alien cult lies to spread

2. Aliens do not exist

They are most afraid that human beings will know their true identity and where do they come from? Who are they? What do they want? Just as the devil is afraid of sunshine, this sentence is used to block the door for people to seek the truth.

3. The population is too large and the earth cannot bear, we need to reduce the population by 80%

More than 90% of the world's population is concentrated on less than 10% of the land. With the advancement of human technology, all unmanned areas can be developed. So the population of the earth can be increased several times no problem.

4. Animal protection

In order to protect Reptilians, human beings do not discriminate against alien species. When human beings find that Reptilians do not belong to human beings, we can protect Reptilians.

5. Anti-discrimination

 The main purpose is to oppose human discrimination against Reptilians because human beings will wake up one day. Discover the secret of Reptilians.

6. Freedom of religious belief

Give the "Reptilians' Cult Theory" the same status as the Bible

7. Greenhouse effect

Carbon dioxide will be absorbed by the moisture in the air to become carbonic acid and fall on the ground, and carbon dioxide accounts for only 0.03% of the air content. Carbon dioxide is not necessarily related to the greenhouse effect. Human beings already have new energy technologies, which have been blocked by the deep state.

8. Poverty is because not working hard

This sentence was only established when the "total wages of workers" accounted for 50% of GDP. It's only 18% now, so people can't make money no matter how hard they work.

9. Communism  is evil

It is the ugliness of human nature that makes communism look evil. If every government information can be completely open on the Internet, this statement will not hold true.

Atheism and the omnipotence of technology

Evil aliens give human beings some technology, and then use it to deny the existence of God. This is a conspiracy.

11. Mankind is the only intelligent creature

People who don’t have basic mathematical concepts would think so

12. Homosexuality is a human right

The Bible shows that God hates homosexuality

13. No reincarnation of souls

There are many people who have memories of past lives

14. Traditional religion is ignorance

Traditional religions are all revelations of God and are all truths, but they need to be updated after 2000 years

15. Discrimination against Traditional Chinese Medicine

Abandoned the original function of medicine: to cure the sickness and save people, and achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

16. Jews plunder wealth and hate Jews

Jews have high IQ and need to learn from Jews, not envy Jews

17. Capitalism is the most advanced civilization

Capitalist theory cannot be applied to the Internet and the robot period.

18. Advanced consumption and credit cards

It is convenient to control when people are in a dangerous situation

19. Combating Racism

God gives different nationalities different colors, different languages and different beliefs so that all nationalities can protect their own interests in their own land

20. Globalization, Community of Destiny

Globalization cannot influence the interests of our nation

21. Genetically modified foods are harmless

High-ranking officials of the CCP only eat tailored food but never eat genetically modified food, so it must be poisonous.