6. Aliens, God and Idealism, Materialism

I am a materialist, but my understanding of materialism is different from that of the average person, mainstream media, and the CCP.

1. I think everything is recognizable. This is materialism.

The CCP and the mainstream believe that people who study phenomena that cannot be explained by science are anti-science, superstition, and idealism. And try to prohibit people from discussing these.

I think we should believe in all things that exist in fact, and give a scientific, reasonable, and logical explanation to all things that cannot be recognized temporarily, And allow others to continue discussing various possibilities. This is materialism and science.

Marx, the CCP, and the mainstream thought think that everything they can't explain is nonexistent, which is the true cult, ignorance, and idealism.

2. Many ancient people and religions regarded aliens as gods.

Because the aliens who have helped them have power that human beings can't understand, they regard aliens as Gods. This is why there have been so many religious beliefs since ancient times. This is also the root cause of idealism.

3. God is of course an alien, but aliens are also divided into many levels and dimensions. Among all aliens, there is a creator with the highest level, that is, the creator of human beings.

Because the Creator has the highest level and mana,  Cosmic civilization, interstellar federation, Bible and Quran all have the same requirements for people. We should believe in the only alien with the highest level in the universe, that is, the only God in the universe.

4. The lower-ranking aliens will also want to control human society.

At present, they are Reptilians, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Deep State, Obama, Queen of England, George Soros, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, and others

They are evil aliens who want to control human beings against God and alien descendants, proxies, white gloves.

5. Now God, the true God of the universe, has sent His messengers to save us. Trump, QAnon, Putin, Duterte, Mars Boys,. . . And some other people are messengers of God.

6. Reptilians and Satan are also species created by God. Therefore, to fight against Satan and Reptilians, evil aliens and Freemasonry, Illuminati, and Deep State, human self-awakening and self-action are needed to solve human problems.

7. If human beings are unable to awaken themselves and are controlled by evil aliens, God will destroy human beings as before.

It is said that God has destroyed mankind seven times. According to the Bible, God didn't want to destroy mankind this time, so he sent messengers to save us.

8. Atomic bombs and nuclear technology are not the wisdom of human beings on earth, but the technology given to human beings by aliens in order to rule the earth. This is a conspiracy.