5. Deep State and CCP are alien who want to occupation and rule of mankind

I recently read some articles and knowledge about metaphysics and aliens. I think Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, DS , Obama, Bill Gates, Franciscus PP, Twitter bosses, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Freemasons, Rothschilds, Illuminati and so on. They are aliens, reportedly Orionians and Sirians. Their purpose is to control the human beings on the surface of the earth and obtain the energy they need by enslaving human beings.

I think these Orionites and Sirians are the vampire families we have always known.

It is said that they modified their genes in order to control human beings. But they are genetically defective and need to drink human blood, especially children's blood, to make up for the deficiency and get energy.

That would explain why Orion who have gained so much status and money, still drink children's blood. Don't they know that this is a demonic act against humanity?

It can be said that they are cults, or they are vampires and aliens, and they need blood to get energy.

All kinds of predictions have shown that today, mankind will come to the time of Last Judgement. With the help of God, human beings can overcome the devil and ascend to heaven and enter a higher civilization and dimension.

Man falls into hell if he can't defeat the devil.

There is a saying that I think is correct. Trump, Putin, Duterte, Linwood and many other people are angels sent by God to save mankind and solve human problems in the last days. God sent me to help you solve some key technical problems.

Since 2004, I have been giving some suggestions to the Chinese government, For example, "harmonious society" and "Chinese model". and after 2014, I have given some suggestions to various countries in the world. Such as eliminating Islamic State, terrorism and solving the Middle East problem.

I have tried my best to help China do things well. But it turns out that they have been controlled by aliens, that is, demons. They have gone too far to turn back.

As for the Wuhan virus, I wrote to all the senators in the United States in May 2020, telling them that China have  antidotes, but Americans didn't understand what I meant and turned a deaf ear to what I said.

Not only did the CCP not listen to my serious warning, but also sent two agents to ask me to shut up.

As a Chinese, I have done my best for China.

Because I am Chinese, for the dignity and fundamental interests of the Chinese nation, I can't tolerate Xi Jinping using viruses and TCM as weapons to help demons and aliens control the earth, Harming God's people, against God, against fairness and justice.

This is what God asked me to do. So God is great, God is fairness and justice, and loves everyone. Uphold justice for everyone.