4. Linwood broke the news: Most celebrities and dignitaries in the world were coerced into raping and shooting children, and were videotaped as evidence to be extorted to obey the organization

Linwood broke the news on Twitter: Isaac Kappy, an American actor who died on May 13, 2019, got the video data of blackmailing celebrities and dignitaries obtained by a hacker organization named "Lizard Squad " from the top 10 intelligence organizations in the world

The top ten intelligence organizations in the world are CCP agents, FBI, CIA, Mossad of Israel and CI6 of UK. . . And so on, they used evil means to force the world's famous politicians to commit serious and heinous crimes against humanity, and filmed the criminal process, using this video to coerce famous politicians to work for them.

The specific process is: the agents of the above countries first find celebrities and dignitaries who need to be controlled and coerced, and then trick and kidnap them. Celebrities and dignitaries are required to rape young children in front of the camera, and then killed the young children, while those agents video and take pictures all the time.

Agents in those countries use this video and photo to control and coerce these celebrities and dignitaries to work for them. Until they lose value. Lawyer Linwood said he had thousands of such videos.

It is said that Jeffrey Edward Epstein's pedophile island was a place where the door was used to engage in this dirty act, so Epstein was murdered.

Of course, some celebrities and politicians are coerced, while others enjoy it.

According to Linwood, tens of thousands of children have disappeared and been used in this evil plan and become victims.

I got the news that the Illuminati is engaged in this similar activity. Illuminati will kill children by horror and drink blood with adrenaline in children. They think it can gain strength and become young.

CCP high rank  officials like to have sex with young children, which is said to make men rejuvenate. I have seen this saying in some ancient book.

Now it seems that the CCP and the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Satanism, the Democratic Party formed a Deep State, so as to achieve their purpose of ruling the world.

My book is exposing that all the high-ranking people in the world are liars. Today, Linwood found me hard evidence.

Those so-called big men are liars, and they all sold their souls to the devil. Some are coerced, some are born devil. There are no good people anyway.

This shows how dirty and evil human beings are. They abandon faith and God for money.

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad

Linwood said that there are more than a thousand videos, and I really want to know who of the celebrity politicians around the world has not appeared in the videos.