3. Human civilization and cosmic civilization; Enhancing the human soul through complete disclosure of information

From a scientific point of view, we can see the existence of aliens from alien technology, and they are in contact with people on earth purposefully. What do aliens want?

If this question needs to be answered, it needs a scientific worldview. What is human being? What is the Earth? What is the civilization of the Earth? What is the civilization of the cosmic?

It has been around 3000 years since human beings have civilization, and it is 2021 years since the birth of Jesus. According to scientists, it has been around 17 billion years since the creation of the universe.

The progress of human civilization and science and technology can be felt by each of us, which is changing with each passing day and advancing by leaps and bounds.

And what happened in the 17 billion years that the universe existed? Or what might have happened? Imagine it with your scientists' minds and logical judgments.

I think that in such a long time, the ants and cockroaches  can evolve into gods, which is in line with the theory of biological evolution. This is the logical science from quantitative change to qualitative change.

From this point of view, all myths and legends are not legends, but stories that really happen in the universe.

I am a materialist, I am not a blind believer in God, I am a scientist, I am a study of truth, I do not believe in any lies and scams, I only believe in science.

I think all myths and legends are logical from a scientific point of view, in line with the theory of biological evolution and the law of the development of the universe.

All the notion that God does not exist, the monster does not exist, the devil does not exist, the angel does not exist, the alien does not exist, is a conspiracy, because:

The first situation: The people who say this are themselves demons in the crowd, they are monsters, they are conspirators. They want to conceal their identity, they are maliciously deceiving human beings.

The second situation: some poor people who have been deceived. Because they have no independent thinking ability and logical judgment ability, and because of their lack of intellectual ability, they are unable to perform high-level and complex logical judgment operations.

I'm not creating Gods for mankind. I'm teaching people a way of thinking. Don't be deceived, don't be fooled.

Whether they are demons or conspirators, dictators.

Their purpose of fooling mankind is to rule and persecute the people

After my personal experience and the news happened in the United States, the conclusion is that all the information of the government on CCTV, People's Daily, TV, media, WeChat and Weibo are all Fake information, the votes of Americans are fraudulent, and the big media collectively deceive the people with lies. The United States and China are exactly the lying society no difference

All the information we are told by the government media is fake, while those labeled as rumors on the Internet are mostly true information.

Of course, there are all kinds of information on the Internet. The Chinese government has created a large number of lies on the Internet and the  DS created a large number of public opinion censorship. The Internet is also full of lies. Exactly What is true requires us to use our brains and logical thinking to judge by ourselves.

The following is the information and the truth of the world that I believe to be true.

1. The earth is a cosmic prison of God. All the souls imprisoned on the earth are sinful souls in the universe. If the souls on the earth can't meet God's requirements through soul progress and reform, They can never leave the earth and reincarnate on the earth forever. What's worse is that some bad guys will go to hell, and hell is deep underground.

God doesn't want dirty and defective souls to bring trouble to other cosmic worlds.

2. According to the hierarchy of civilization, the universe has eight dimensions, the first dimension is Stone, the second dimension is animals, the third dimension is human civilization, the fourth dimension is Reptilians, the seventh dimension is Jesus, the eighth dimension is God Creator, and there are angels and Asura in the middle. Buddha is also  angels.

3. The evil alien is Satan as God said in the Bible. The evil alien Reptilians control human beings through Freemasonry, Illuminati and Satanism. Therefore, the Bible warns human beings not to be seduced by the devil, which is the truth.

4. Freemasonry, Illuminati, and Satanism have dominated mankind for thousands of years. What they have is alien technology and high-dimensional alien intelligence. Therefore, they can control all the resources of the earth from higher logical thinking and superpowers, including oil, finance, politicians, actors, medical, education and all other important sectors.

5. Freemasonry, Illuminati and Satanism have actually promoted the scientific and technological development and economic development, as well as social order, human civilization and progress.

6. The human body was created according to God's body, and  a lot of human function was shut down, so that people did not have super powers. (The so-called superpower is a universal ability in the universe.)

Reptilians's bodies have evolved for hundreds of millions of years, but they are still reptile in essence, and human bodies are more advanced and perfect than Reptilians and aliens, but human technology, ability and wisdom, and judgment ability are far inferior to Reptilians and evil aliens.

7. Reptilians and evil aliens lure human beings with money, beauty and social status, in order to betray God, and do some morally bankrupt things, such as  harvesting human organs alive in China, large-scale financial fraud and creating Wuhan viruses to eliminate so-called enemies and people they don't need. There is also a large-scale eating of living people in the United States, and the adrenochrome extracted from children makes them get the effect of rejuvenation.

8. Freemasonry, Illuminati and satanism their wisdom are come from Reptilians and evil aliens who are higher rank than human wisdom. They have a set of logic and theoretical higher than human wisdom. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as we know it is their theoretical. We can see that the logical  and ideological of "the Book of Shang Jun" in ancient China are exactly the same.

9. They treat human beings as breeders treat chickens in cages in chicken farms. They feed human beings. They keep human beings in cages and restrict human freedom. The purpose is to raise chickens and lay eggs, and then send all human beings to slaughterhouses when they need.

Through Wuhan virus and American election, mankind can see all this clearly.

How the CCP and the Deep State of the United States deceived the people.  If the mankind can't wake up in this plague and American election. Then human beings are deceiving themselves. mankind is choosing the devil over God.

The Chinese government and the Deep State in the United States do exactly the same things, Because they all belong to the devil's organization controlled by Freemasons.

The Chinese government uses firewalls to block all the news they don't want people to know, so that the Chinese government can wantonly harvesting human organs alive, wantonly engage in national financial fraud, wantonly create viruses to spread all over the world, and no one is allowed to investigate.

The big American technology companies are also fooling the American people, Trump has such an obvious victory. There is so much evidence in election fraud. All American media are shamelessly deceiving the American people and stealing elections.

It's like a breeder putting chickens in a cage. They turn on the lights if they want the earth to have light, and turn off the lights if they don't want the earth to have light, so that the chickens can't see anything.

Does human beings still have dignity? Is there justice for mankind? Everyone on earth should say no to these, and declare war on the Chinese government and the Deep State of the United States and the evil power behind them.

My slogan is: Human beings are the masters of the earth, and human beings have the right to know everything that happens on the earth.

According to the information on the Internet, I believe the following information is credible:

Reptilians, evil aliens, they control human beings and give them technology. Their level of ability and wisdom higher than human beings. The purpose of their coming to earth is

1. First of all, they came to the earth to enslave human beings, treating human beings as chickens that can lay eggs and cows that can produce milk. Human beings are some livestock in front of Reptilians, evil aliens, Freemasons, Illuminati, Satanism and Deep State. Can be slaughtered at any time.

2. They used human genes to modify the genes of the Reptilians to become a new species, because the genes of humans are the genes of God, which are better than those of the Reptilians.

3. Reptilians need to eat human beings as food. CCP harvesting organs alive to renew the lives of red nobles. The Deep State in the United States  use children collected from all over the world as the extraction source of adrenochrome. Rejuvenate themself


4. They are Reptilians, and they need to eat human beings as a source of meat. They have this instinctive impulse and needs.

The purpose of God's messenger coming to the earth is not like this.  they do not want to enslave human beings, but to help human beings improve their souls, atone for their sins, and reach the standard of God's satisfaction as soon as possible, so that God can allow human beings to leave the earth prison and go to heaven.

The way I propose to redeem the human soul is through high-tech and Internet technology. So that all human beings can know all the things that happen to human beings, and no one is allowed to hide any information.

After people know all kinds of things, they will discuss them, and people will reach a consensus through voting in some democratic form. Human beings negotiate to solve all the things that happen to human beings. Everyone of human beings can make the human soul grow rapidly in the process of understanding information, discussing information, voting information and dealing with problems.

I suggest that human beings know all the information in order to make the human soul grow. And my book "Century. Sentence" is raising questions, let all people discuss the questions I raised, and then the human soul can be promoted and reach a consensus. Build our earth together.

When all the information is made public,  the Reptilians, the CCP and the Deep State will disappear. Because they use deception to maintain their evil rule.

When the people know all the information, then the people have all the power. At that time, mankind was liberated, mankind became the master of the earth, and mankind would not be enslaved by anyone.

That's why God sent me here.