11. The Understanding Method of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ”and the Rationality of “Violence must be met by violence”

I think “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ” is a guidebook for the Reptilians, aliens gave their agents, Freemasons, to rule the human beings of the third dimension of civilization. Teach Freemasons how to control the world. such as:

By controlling finance, Media, ideological education, Use materialism and material pursuit to eliminate religion, Economic war, conquer the world, Make war, Control speech, inculcate obedience, Debt trap, Create financial crisis and economic recession, make fear to achieve the purpose of government regulation, Abuse of power, Brainwashing, rewriting history, Must be cruel and ruthless, Human beings are livestock, Set up secret societies, Brutal repression of the people, Blinding laborers, Disunite the people, Destroy the free media, Control channels of communication, they appoint presidents, they aim for world power, create world wars, monopolize capital, lead the masses with lies, destroy God, support communism, poverty is their weapon, economic wars, end freedom, politics are immoral, and the best way to rule them is through violence and intimidation, not academic discussion

It is generally believed that this is evidence that evil aliens, Reptilians, and Freemasonry are anti-human. That's right.

But look at this from another angle, Reptilians, aliens, freemasons, and the book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is also right.

Because from the perspective of cosmic civilization, human beings are very evil, dirty, and ugly. Reptilians are helping human beings maintain order and give human beings development and civilization.

Reptilians alien is Asura, in fact, Asura is also a kind of god, but they use violence to meet violence. Treat cruelty with cruelty.

If people see the aliens, the Reptilians, and the Freemasonry against humans from the text of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Treat humans as animals, then hate the Lizardmen and Freemasonry.

That shows the superficiality, idealism and irrationality of human beings. Reptilians are cruel to humans, but this is what humans deserve.

Looking at this matter from different levels of consciousness and civilization, the conclusion is different, just as the breeder manages a crocodile farm and the teacher manages a group of students in different ways. When human beings are barbaric, ignorant, and unawakened, we need to treat human beings in the same way as crocodiles.

2020 years ago, God sent Jesus to preach to mankind, mankind crucified Jesus. It's like God sent Jesus to preach to the crocodile, and the crocodile killed Jesus.

Then God sent another breeder to manage the crocodile. That is the reptilians, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati. Their purpose is to control violence with violence and to manage humans in the way of crocodile feeding.

But the good news is that human civilization has made great progress in recent years. Aliens, Reptilians, Freemasons, and Illuminati have succeeded in their work, and human wealth, science and technology, civilization, culture, and social management have made great progress.

If human beings can awaken at this time, human beings can raise the dimension, raise the level of civilization and get the approval of God.

If humans can solve all the accusations against humans in my book, humans can ascend dimensions. otherwise, everything goes on.

The most obvious evidence of human unawakening is the tolerance and disregard for these evil things:

1. The CCP creates and spreads viruses. Too many human beings are defending and covering up for the Chinese Communist Party and deceiving the people.

2. The Chinese Communist Party created large-scale financial fraud and invested the money in the Belt and Road Initiative.

3. The Chinese Communist Party harvest human organs alive on a large scale and invented the brain death machine.

4. The deep state of the United States mutilates children in large quantities, extracts adrenochrome, and rejuvenates themself.

5. The obvious fraud in the US 2020 election.

In the eyes of cosmic civilization and God, all of these are extremely sinful and unforgivable

If human beings ignore all of this. Then this shows that the degree of human civilization has not reached the standard of upgrading. You need to continue to practice in the third dimension. Because this is not in line with God's standard of behavior, but in line with the standard of the third dimension. This is mankind's choice and mankind's destiny, so God will not interfere in these things.

If mankind can awaken and bravely correct all of this and eliminate the CCP and the deep government, then mankind and I can discuss how to enter a higher level of civilization.

My suggestion is to use the Internet and high-tech to make all human information published on the Internet, solve all mankind's contradictions, and improve the level of mankind's soul.